Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesday

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A!
Hosted by MamarazziQueso and Crazymama


First of all I want to apologize for my unexpected hiatus from blogging. I wasn't planning it and really didn't even need to take it. If you want to read a little family update and see our family pictures click HERE.

{1} What is your most commonly used word or phrase when you are frustrated?
I say OH CRAP a lot and FRICK! Those are my usual ones. Every once in a while I will utter a random, weird one like SNIZZLE. 

{2} What random question do you usually get from strangers or casual acquaintances?
I work in retail and have a name tag. Those most often asked question is how do you pronounce your name?  Also, where does it originate from? Seeing as I don't share my name on here I won't say. However, if you go back into my history, you'll find a Vlog (Video Blog) where I discuss it. :-)

{3} Did you ever correspond by mail with anyone, who? Do you still have the letters?
I had a pen pal who lived in Pennsylvania. I think I was around ten-years-old. We wrote quite frequently for a couple of years and then it died off. I cannot remember her name or anything now. I wonder what ever happened to her.
{4} Do you dance in public?  Why or why not?
Absolutely .... NOT! I am a terrible dancer and I feel so self conscious when I do. I'll sway back and forth  when in a group but I'm too embarrassed to try and bust a move. 
{5} What is your favorite kind of chapstick/lip balm?
You know, I really don't use it that often. When I do, I'll use Carmex. It seems to do the trick. :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Happened To K? + Family Pics

What is the heck happened?! Last I knew, it was December 15th. I swear I just blinked me eyes and now Christmas is over and it is January. Sorry about that! I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. I guess I must have needed it.

We are doing well over here in the Lindicious household. P is back in school, after a long Christmas break, and he is enjoying it. I volunteered in his class yesterday. It was pretty fun to see the kids he associates with. Really, my main goal in volunteering was to actually scope out his girlfriends. Yes, plural. Apparently, he has two that he has his eye on. He is too shy to tell them that they are his girlfriends though. :-)  Too cute! I figured out who they were. Can I just say ... my boy has good taste. They were pretty and seemed well behaved. NICE!

E is doing well. He started speech therapy a few months back and really seems to be improving. He still does a lot of baby talk but he is more able to communicate. With being able to communicate, the amount of tantrums have dropped drastically. Obviously, he still has some ... HECK, HE'S TWO! ... but not nearly as many! It has been awesome! I really like his speech therapist. She is so good with him!

I've been doing good. I've been going through withdrawals. I used to serve with the Young Women (ages 12-18) in my church. I'd spend time with them on Sundays and again on Tuesday evenings. I was released from that calling in the beginning of December. Talk about hard! I miss those young ladies!  Now, I play the piano in primary. (Boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11) Completely different but I am starting to enjoy it. Kids really do say the darnedest things! :-)  I'm still working in my retail job. It's been ok. Lately, I've been off the cash registers and out doing pricing. I really enjoy that ... especially when I get to work with a gal named Brenda. We have so much fun. We talk and I sing along to the music. It's fun!

J is doing well too. He keeps busy with work and doing little projects around the house. He is currently building a new door for the apartment downstairs. The old one's glass is cracked and it just looks old. I'm excited to see it finished. Little does he know, that when that gets done, I'm going to want a new door for us too! ;-)

We had family pictures taken back in the beginning of October but just barely got them. I really wanted to share. So here they are:

E wasn't too thrilled that we left them standing there. Love those faces!

P * 5-years-old * Kindergarten

E * 2-years-old * Cute