Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's Lap

We had our ward Christmas party last night. We had dinner and a program. Afterwards, Santa made an appearance. P really didn't even care about Santa. We've never really talked about Santa so he doesn't really understand. We decided to go have him sit on Santa's lap. I totally anticipated a huge emotional breakdown. Amazingly enough, P didn't cry or scream but he sure did pout!

Check out Santa's beard. That is real! He lives in our ward. He grows it out every Christmas for the ward party.

I couldn't help but get a picture with Santa too. I was having a very hard time deciding what to ask for. ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Months Old

DON'T MISS 'EM!! :-)

Lovin' The Chair

E is finally able to use this chair more .... much to the dismay of P. Actually, P still plays with it quite a bit but now he has to share. It is pretty cool. You can attach this tray on it and either put a place mat so they can eat cereal or put this toy on. E gets quite a kick out of this toy.

First Try At Rice Cereal

Here is E (almost 5 months) on the day he first tried rice cereal. He had a cold and was tired. I should have waited for a better day but he had shown so much interest in J's food I couldn't help myself. I can't decide how he felt about it. :-)

Here is P trying out rice cereal his first time. The poor kiddo was so tired. I seem to manage trying to give them their new experience when they are too pooped to enjoy it. Anyway, I believe P was about 5 months in this picture.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Wanna Eat Him Up!!!!

E is such a cutie pie and he is gaining such a cute, sweet personality!
I just had to share these pics.

Here is a picture of P at about the same age for comparison! :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

E and His Cousin


E and his cousin. E just turned 4 months and she just turned 1 month.

Cute little stinkers!

E Tries Out The Exersaucer!

E likes his Exersaucer ... in short spurts. He's still working on gaining his strength so he can't handle it for too long. He is SO cute and just sits there and stares and studies all the toys. Such a cute little stinker! :-)

Can you say Toy Hog? Look at those legs! Too funny.

Chair Antics

We got this little seat for E but it has been getting used more by P. It just makes us laugh so we have to share!

Hanging out watching a cartoon and drinking some juice.

Getting kitty ready for meal time.

He buckled the strap and got stuck. We was wandering all over the house. It was pretty silly.

His hiding spot .... the linen closet.

"Does my butt look big in this?" ;-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Perfectionist

P was so funny. He was being such a perfectionist about his toenails! They had to sit just right and he got really upset when they weren't straight. We finally just had to pick him up and carry him into the mall.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Comparison

Halloween Post Below

E (nearly 4 months)

P (just over 3 months)

Happy Halloween!

J's mom throws a Halloween Bash for the family every year. So, of course, we went up on Friday. It was a lot of fun. We had homemade donuts, homemade root beer, homemade soup in homemade loaves, and lots of sweets! We carved pumpkins and enjoyed watching the kids in their costumes. Here are some pictures from the event.

P (Dinosaur), A (Bakugan character), Grandma Sugar (Pirate), E (Pea in a pod), W (Bunny), and C (Lion).
The only child not in the picture is A. She is almost 1 month old and dressed up as a cute baby!

This is the best shot of E and P together. P was having too much fun running around being a dinosaur and roaring at everyone.

Grandma Sugar as a pirate! She made her costume herself.

Cutest little pea in a pod!

P lookin' good.

Our nephew showing us some Bakugan action moves.



J's pumpkin. It wouldn't sit up so he got creative. I love it!

The kids were "raking" leaves today.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at Grammy & Grampy's

These first three pictures are actually from last Sunday. We have dinner at my parents house every Sunday and on occasion my mom's friend, Becky, comes too.

Having some fun and smiling with Becky!

Pretty soon he pooped out. Such a little cutie.

P LOVES his Becky. He gets very excited when Becky comes to visit and gets MORE excited when we get to go to Becky's house! There are dogs, cats, a horse, and even goldfish in the horse trough. (They keep the algae down, by the way.) Anyway, P loves to go and visit, throw apples at the horse, watch the cats, and get treats. There are always plentiful supplies of cookies, candy, Diet Coke, juice, or pretty much anything. (I must say, I love to go and visit too because I get treats and enjoy her company!)


Was up?!

Our gangsta boy.
Not really, the hat and outfit have Tigger on it. Not very tough and gangster like.

E and Grampy sharing a smile

P showing off his cool sunshine/sunflower toy that Becky gave him.

Lovely picture that P took all by himself. He LOVES his Grammy!

P looking dapper in his Sunday clothes. We left them on so Grammy and Grampy could see how good he looked and then he immediately shed them for a good ole t-shirt and jeans.

I must say, I love going to my parents house on Sunday and not just because they feed us. I totally appreciate that too but I really look forward to spending time with them and sharing their company. They are awesome parents and I couldn't ask for more! I love you guys!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Smiles, Kicks, and Pouts

I took this first video because J and P discovered that E would kick wildly and excitedly. Toward the end, he gets a pouty face which is the first I had seen! So sweet. (Grammy, make sure to listen to J's voice at the end of the first one.)

This second video is after the pouty incident. We got some good smiles and a little bit of P. I love these boys so much! It is such a blessing to have them in our home! :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pics From My Mom


Such a smiley man! I love it!

E getting a taste of Tootsie Pop on his blessing day. He liked it! :-D

This pic is from a few weeks ago. My mom decided to give E a bath.

Fuzzy but so cute that I had to share! E is the sweetest baby. We love him SO much!