Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Outfits and Silly Faces!

I have been wanting to get these cute outfits for the boys for Easter. I see them every time I'm at work and have been trying really hard to be good, since we are pretty low on cash. Anyway, my mom ended up buying these for the boys not knowing that I had been dying to get them. Needless to say, I was VERY excited! :-) The shirts are a pale green and you can't really see the clip-on ties but they are striped and WAY cute! Of all days for P to start pulling funny faces, it was today ... hence the post title. I did manage to get some good smiling shots but I had to include the silly faces too.


Happy Camper with Ski Feet!

Future GQ model if you ask me!

I love the slightly devilish look in P's eyes! This is one of my favorites!

E is D.O.N.E.!!!!!
I wanted this at the end of the post but I can't get the pictures to move.

We may have a future Jim Carrey in our midst. He has quite the rubber face!


Being a nerd and E found some socks to suck on.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eventful Couple of Days

Well, we've had an eventful couple of days. On Tuesday evening, we got the boys to bed. Josh was getting ready to go to be early and I sat down at the computer to play some mind numbing games on Facebook. In the back on my mind I noticed the smell of gas. I kept trying to pull up the game and it would not come up! I tried several times to get the game pulled up while trying to decide if I was really smelling gas. Josh came into the family room to give me a kiss good night when he noticed the smell of gas, as well. So, we decided to go downstairs and check our water heater. When we opened the door into the laundry room, the smell was a lot stronger. I ran and got Josh some soapy water so he could try to find the leak and then I called the gas company.

They immediately dispatched someone out to our house and he got here within 15 or 20 minutes. Anyway, he took his little machine and started testing the area. I knew it wasn't good when he got right by the water heater and it started making lots of noise. Turns out the flex piping had been turned at too tight of an angle and it finally had started to fail and leak. He then realized that the water heater vented out underneath the family room addition. He immediately tagged the water heater and turned the gas off to it.

He wanted to check the gas furnace "just as a precaution." Well, in checking the furnace he discovered that it had been installed improperly and illegally. There is supposed to be a tube to drain water into a drain. Guess what! No tube, no drainage. He also told us that there wasn't enough clearance from the furnace to the walls around it. It was an open combustible furnace that would shoot out fire about 4-6 inches. There wasn't enough clearance and he was amazed that we hadn't had a fire. He checked the gas line with his little machine and it indicated a small leak too. SHEESH! So, he turned the gas off to the furnace and the entire house.

He finally left about midnight and we went to bed, sick to our stomachs with worry about what we were going to do. In the morning, I called Aire Force One here in town and they were able to come that morning. I told them what had happened and they inspected everything. During their inspection, they discovered the furnace was venting out underneath the family room as well. Illegal! So, they ended up ripping out the old furnace yesterday and made plans for how to vent the new one properly.

This morning they came bright and early to start installing the proper venting and are working on installing the furnace as I type. They ended up having to drill holes through the tenants pantry, through her bathroom, and into the spare bedroom closet before turning to take it outside. Looks like we have some patching to do ahead of us but they are doing a good job. I'm grateful that it is being done properly and to code.

Fortunately, for the tenant, she didn't have any effects from the carbon monoxide and her heating is electrical so she is warm. Also, she has her own water heater which is electric so the only inconvenience she is having is having 3 burly men tromping around in her apartment ripping through walls. Thankfully, she is very understanding about the whole ordeal.

As soon as they get done installing the furnace, they plan on remedying the water heater. From what I understand, they are going to fix all the tubes and flex pipe to be like it should be. Then they will fix the venting issue by extending the vent tubes out to the outside. They say they will be able to do it in a way that is legal and cheap. THANK HEAVENS! The bid for the furnace, reconnection to the air conditioning unit, labor, materials, etc. is about $4,500. YIKES!

Anyway, that is where we are at. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I really hope they can get it done today. We shall see .....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Grandma Sugar!

This is the best blackmail video yet!!! ;-)

Top of The Mornin' To Ya!

P was being silly this morning before I left for work. He kept wearing these paper bowls on his head and then put one on E. I couldn't resist getting some pictures of these cute guys!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Boys And An Update

(Please ignore the hordes of toys and junk. We can't have just one toy, we just empty the ENTIRE toy box! ;-) I'm sure you all know how that goes!)

I was trying to get a video of E and P decided to join the "party." During that time, P was NOT feeling well at all. He had a fever for 2 whole days and is still coughing a week later. Since then, J, E, and I have all gotten it. So far no fever for us (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!) but just lots of coughing.

My parents and grandparents have had this cold as well. It is a real doosy! (Hmm... how does one spell doosy?) This nasty cold landed my grandma in the hospital but luckily she is doing very well and got to come home a few days later. She has been working with a physical therapist who has been working her very hard. I know she hates it and it hurts but I am so proud of her for keeping with it! I love you Grandma!!!

Anyway, other than the cold, we are doing well. J is keeping fairly busy at work. It is the slow season for him. P is always amazing us with funny sayings and saying words we didn't know that he knew! E is growing like a weed and makes us so happy! P and E are both such blessing in our home! We have truly been blessed. :-)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Clapping Like A Pro!

Sweet babe. Sorry for the weird angle, I was trying to get him to clap for me and hold that camera at the same time. Kind of difficult! ;-)

Bedtime Stories and Warm Feet

After our family prayers and P's personal prayers, J usually stays with P and reads a story while I take E into the other room. I had to do something so I left E with them for a bit and found this when I returned. It was so cute that I had to get a picture. I love all of these boys SO MUCH!

The other day, I left the room to do something and when I returned I found P getting his feet nice and "toasty" with some oven mitts. This boy makes me laugh!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E is 8 Months Old!! :'-)

It is hard for us to believe that this sweet little man is 8 month old already! He is such joy and we love him so much. Mr. E managed to wait until this momentous day to cut his first tooth! We've been able to see them for a few days but they hadn't cut through yet. Today, you can feel one of them! Pretty big day in our house! I swear he's been teething since November!

Here are some things about our cutie pie:

* E is sitting up very well now.
* He hates to be on his belly.
* He absolutely adores his big brother.
* He loves to giggle.
* He is very impatient when he gets hungry. (But what kid isn't)
* He is a major flirt
* He loves to smile at everyone.
* He loves sweet potatoes and rice cereal

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Tidbits

* The last couple of months I've been teaching P about stoplights. You know, we stop on red and go on green. Anyway, not too long ago, the city installed a stoplight at a busy intersection near my parents house. The other night as we were leaving my parents house, P went running out the door toward the car and all of the sudden he froze in place. I asked what he was doing and he didn't respond. I got closer to him and realized he was staring at the red stoplight a block away. He said, "I got to wait for green!" It was so funny! I thought J and I were going to bust a gut laughing!

* The other night we were hanging out on the floor. P and J were playing and soon I heard J whisper into P's ear, "Go give mommy a kiss on the cheek." P stood up (I totally thought he was coming in my direction) and whispered very loudly into his daddy's ear, "NOOOOO!" Another gut buster! :-) Love that kiddo!