Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I received my Swap package from my awesome partner, Leah, at The Dog's a boy, too!  I had so much fun shopping for this package. For one, I got to shop for my favorite things and then I got to give it to a new friend! How cool is that! The day before I was to send the package, I wrote to Leah on Facebook. I wanted to just make sure that I didn't send her something that she didn't like. She said she was good for anything and asked me the same question. The only thing I could think that I'd hate to receive was tomatoes. So, this is what I saw first on the package when it arrived! ........................................

Gotta love a girl with a sense of humor! :-)  Leah, I like you!

Here's the booty that I received!  People magazine ...... I love it! That is my favorite celeb magazine! I got some Hot chocolate mix and some chocolate truffles! I also got a little notebook to keep in my purse in case I need to jot down a note. I got a little First Aid kit to keep in my purse too! Perfect! Being a mother of two rough and tough boys, it is amazing that I didn't have that yet! There is a spray antiseptic, hand sanitizer, and first aid kit! :-)  My boys knees and elbows thank you! I got some awesome lip balm, a cute magnet for my fridge, and my FAVORITE gum!  I LURVE Spearmint!!!  I also got a cool scraper for the kitchen. Another great thing that I didn't have yet! Leah sent the boys some Goldfish crackers and some straws that change colors. I might share .... I might not.  The coolest gift was a little photo album that she converted into a Garden seed organizer. You could slip your packets of seeds into the photo pages!!!  She had it broken down into Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers!! SO COOL! 

Thank you, Leah!