Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do You See A Resemblance? -

Okay, P got Wall*E for Christmas and we've watched it several times because J and I like it and are excited for something new to watch with P. Anyway, every time EVE comes onto the screen, P calls her "Momma!" I don't know if I look like a robot or if I'm just nice and gentle like she is. Who knows?! I just had to share.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas With J's Family -


The snow was too bad on Christmas Day so we ended up waiting and going the next morning to Soda. We were able to spend time with J's parents. We also spent time with J's sister, Maria, & her family and J's brother, Patrick, & his family. It was great to see them all. J's brother, Shane and his family spent Christmas frolicking in the snow up in Yellowstone National Park. BRRR! More power to 'em! I'm too wimpy! J's sister, Heather, & her family live in Colorado and got stuck by snow and sick kids so we didn't get to see them. DANG IT!
Anyway, we had lots of fun. We had a very yummy dinner and opened presents. My nephew, Andrew, and his parents got a Wii for Christmas from Santa. They were awesome and brought it with them so we got to play it! FINALLY! I've been dying to try a Wii and finally got to! SO FUN! I want one so bad but that just isn't in our finances right now. *Sigh* Here are some pics of the day:

P with his new fire truck!

Checking out his new Cars watch!

J's mom always plays "Santa." She likes to be the one to hand out the presents.

The cousins that were there. Sorry the picture isn't the best but my camera was acting up and I'm not very good at Photoshop yet.

Christmas with My Family -

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family. On Christmas Eve, we went up to my Granny Teeples house and had dinner and watched part of the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was pretty neat. The snow was so bad that Granny Teeples and Grandma & Grandpa Gower couldn't join us for breakfast on Christmas morning. J dug us out, see that post below, and we went to my parents. We had breakfast and then opened presents. P got the movie Wall*E so we watched that. It was our first time seeing it and J and I both loved it! P was dead set on watching "Shish" (Finding Nemo) so we watched that after. Here are some pics of P opening some presents.

P got some cool Spongebob Kroc's! They are warm and fuzzy inside and he LOVES them!

Our handsome boy is very happy about the books that he got!

Yeah for books!

Sweet kid!

Grammy and Jack are helping P discover the sounds his new book makes!

I'm Down To 2 Jobs!

Here are a couple pictures of me in my Shopko garb! My last day was Christmas Eve and I have mixed emotions. I really liked the people I worked with and will miss them a lot, but I am very happy to be done with it too! I'm ready to start working with my dad more again! Business has picked up again so hopefully all goes well!

Man, I look sexy! ;o)

Christmas Morning Snow & My New Surprise! -

So, we have had a TON of snow lately! Christmas morning was pretty crazy! We were spending time with my family in the morning and then we were going to head to Soda to be with J's family. Unfortunately, the snow stopped us. But, we were able to go to Soda the next day. So we were happy! :o)

Here is the drifted snow in the door way. It really is deeper than it looks!

P wanted to help his daddy so we put on his snow suit. THANKS AUNT MARIA FOR THE HAND-ME-DOWN! We got it just in time!

P stole my shovel and was helping daddy. I didn't shovel very much, just so you know!

Move over please! I don't want to throw snow on you!


Awesome story! Our neighbors across the street GAVE IT to me! (You can see their house across the street in the picture of J with the door.) Anyway, Sister Anderson heard me talk to the Young Women about how hard it is to try and keep up my piano playing skills without a piano in my home. Her husband, they've only been married for a couple years, has had this piano sitting in his basement gathering dust for SEVERAL years. She talked to him and he said he'd love to give it to us. So, we got a bunch of burly Elder's Quorum members to come and help haul the thing across the street! I am so excited and I love it! I can't believe they just gave it to me but I am so grateful! We've wanted to get a piano for a very long time but haven't been able to afford it. Thank you so much Cort and Brandy Anderson!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Man, it has been a while since my last post! We have had a crazy few weeks. I am currently working three jobs and haven't had much time to do anything else. I am still working with my dad appraising homes. I got a seasonal sales job at ShopKo but will be leaving that as soon as Christmas is over. Finally, I just got hired to be a bookkeeper at Smith's grocery store. I plan on working at Smith's and with my dad. They will work together nicely ... I hope! Anyway, here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.

Daddy and P hamming it up right before bedtime! I have the cutest boys in the whole world!

P wearing his Grampy's reading glasses. (Cheap ones, so you know, we'd never let him play with the expensive ones!)

J decided to make P a bed. We actually got the headboard at the DI and fixed it up. J actually made the decorative embellishments and then painted it.

The foot board was completely built by J. The flower part was hand carved by my one and only! Isn't he talented?!

Here is me and P enjoying the fruits of J's labor. We don't have a proper quilt for his bed yet, hence the pink yarn!

Here is a full view of the bed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Baby's First Picture! -

Okay, most of you know that I had to take fertility medicine, Clomid, to get pregnant with our newest little one. There has been much speculation on whether I would have twins or more. (*Cough Cough* Lyndsey Jordan!!!!) To my great relief, I can assure you that there is one healthy baby! I'm sure I would have loved two or more but I think I would have stressed out too. Anyway, the doctor says the baby looks good and the heart beat looks strong! We are so excited and wanted to share it with you!
On a side note, P seems to be terrified of everything lately. He is even terrified of the heat vent in the floor of his room. He cries like crazy when we try to put him to bed. Have any of you gone through this and, if so, what have you done? I need some advice.