Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Love Being A Young Women Leader! -

I love being a Young Women leader ... most of the time. Sometimes the girls drive me crazy but overall, I enjoy it. We had a water party a couple weeks ago and I thought I would share. I love this picture. Every single girl there had modest, knee length shorts on!

This is me going down the water slide. Actually, I had already gotten up but Sister Porter made me get back down and do my pose. I was the only leader to participate in the water activity. I must note that Carrie really wanted to play in the water but she has a very small baby so she couldn't. Otherwise she would have been in there with me!

This is me and Carrie. You can't see Julian in the sling but he is SOOOO cute!

We're Home! -

We went to the Lind Family reunion. J and his brothers and sisters take turns planning. This year Maria had the honor. Anyway, we went to her husband's family cabin near Humphrey, Idaho. Where is Humphrey you ask? It is about 10 miles (estimate) South of the Montana border on Interstate 15. We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. DARN IT!

When we first got there, we left P with his older cousins and all of the adults hopped on J's brothers 4-wheelers and went for a ride in the mountains. It was so much fun and I really want a 4-wheeler now. We pretty much just hung out and ate lots of good food. The next morning we all washed up and took family pictures. J's brother, Shane, is an amazing photographer and I can't wait to see the pictures! I know they are going to look awesome!

P crapped out the second we hopped in the car to head home. Unfortunately, he woke up half way home and was a grump the rest of the way home. We had a lot of fun. We were smart and kept P slathered in sunscreen. Unfortunately, we weren't smart enough because J and I forgot to slather ourselves and we are suffering the consequences.

I just want to thank Maria for putting on a great reunion. We had a ton of fun! (Sorry for the lack of pictures.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Invincible Shoes ... knock on wood!

I can't believe that P's shoes still light up and blink! He wears them constantly and runs even more. These shoes have been completely soaked with water several times. They have been run through the washer once and have taken two trips through the dryer. With all the banging around, I figured the batteries would die sooner or later but they still live on!
(This is kind of a silly post, but I had to share!)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warren Family Reunion -

We had a fun time at our Warren Family Reunion. This is my Grandma Gower's family. She is the last one to be able to attend. We've lost her brother, Harmel, and her sister, Rita. Rita's twin sister, Leta, is in the nursing home. We were blessed to have Harmel's wife Charlotte there. These are just some pictures from the day. It didn't take P long to find the big tub full of pop, ice, and water. It kept him occupied most of the day!

This is P rearranging the pop cans. He would take all of them out and then put all of them back in!

Soggy boy! He loves water!


More splashing.

We thought that he might like to jump in but he let us know that he didn't want to!

Giving Grammy a kiss before she had to go back to work. P loves his Grammy!

P has to lick each can as he took them out. Pretty gross, but whatever keeps him busy & entertained!

Great view!

Even more splashing!

Sopping wet!

Crowd shot.

P started dunking his chocolate chip cookie into the water ... GROSS!

Hmm ... where did P go? Just follow the wet footprints!

Tada! He kept throwing the cans back into the tub. Nobody wanted to open a can after that!

Having a spoonful.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing In The Sprinklers ... Again -

So, I went to the grocery store last night and when I got home I saw that P and J were outside. I started putting the groceries away when I heard P screaming in the back yard. I ran out to see what was going on and realized that P and J were running through the sprinklers with their clothes on. I immediately ran for the camera and J and I managed to get some really fun shots. I hope you enjoy! (Oh, by the way, I got jealous of all the fun they were having so I ran in and got my shorts on and joined the party!)

J teaching P the proper technique for running through the sprinklers!

What a cutie!

Check this out!!!


I love playing in the water ... and holding the sprinkler!

Look Mom!

Hurry, the water is coming!

Showing Mom how to properly water the grass.

Savoring the moment!

Daddy spraying P.

Turn the water back on!!!

I don't want to go inside yet!

Okay, I've calmed down and now I'm taking a bath to warm up!

Tired and clean. Let's snuggle up with kitty, some milk, a blanket, and a good book!

Sunday -

We had a typical Sunday, we went to church and then went to my parents house for dinner. Church gets out at 2:00, so by the end of it, P is really tired. He wouldn't eat much at dinner so we just let him see the family and then stuck him down for a nap. After he woke up from his nap, my mom tried so give him some mashed potatoes. Sometimes he will eat them, sometimes he won't. This was one of those times when he would NOT eat them. The little stinker! ;o)

Afterwards, we headed up to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Gower's house for a visit. Two of my Aunt's (Jenny and Suzy) were there to visit their dad of Father's Day. Anyway, my mom and I wanted to see them too. P enjoyed getting to play the piano.

P loves to see Great Grandpa Gower. Here he is telling him something really important, I'm sure of it! Usually, there is a small stool that sits next to Grandpa's chair, that he puts his glass of water or Diet Coke on. But when P comes over, it becomes P's stool and he loves to sit next to Great Grandpa!

This other shot of P is just a shot from home a few days ago. He was sitting on the recliner "reading" a magazine, in other words, ripping it up! He looked over and gave me this cheesy grin! I LOVE IT!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playing In The Back Yard -

It has been a pretty boring week. J and I both came down with nasty colds and we are hoping that P will not get it. It has been really cold outside most of the week but a few days ago it was warm enough to go outside for a little bit. P loves to go outside and play. The moment he wakes up in the morning, he is asking to go outside. The second J gets home from work, he is asking to go outside. P is a typical boy.

Here is P on his Clifford toy. He loves to ride back and forth on the little sidewalk. I can't wait to get him a tricycle! It should be fun!

This is how he usually plays with Clifford, he just carries it around.

This is why this is an outside toy. It has become a weapon of sorts so we only let him play with it outside. He is still cute.

SHH!! P really likes to tell me to be quiet. I wasn't even doing anything but he had to tell me. He kept doing it several times. It was pretty cute. I'm glad I caught it!

P telling me what's what!! He can be so serious.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Past Week -

We haven't been up to very much this week but we did get some good pictures.

I found P in the living room laying on his pillow watching the ceiling fan turn. Before I could get a good picture, he moved. Anyway, I thought this was pretty darn cute!

P is learning how to do somersaults!

Momma still has to help.

If Mom doesn't help, P goes sideways!

What a good lookin' kid, even upside down!

P got this cool Clifford toy on wheels. He really loves to sit on it and ride it around.

You can't really tell but P, Kitty, and I are all sitting on Clifford. Well, not really sitting, I think I would have crushed it.

Pardon J's nerd face! ;o) He was making car sounds.

We went to Soda on Monday (the 2nd) and had dinner with J's family. P was loving the Jello and got some on his nose. Such a silly boy!

J and P laughing. They love each other SO much and have so much fun together!