Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Crap I have CUTE Boys!


Smiley man with a stinkin' cute onesie!

Smiling at Daddy!

J and P having some fun!

More pics -

The other day P went to watch a movie after getting home from the babysitters house. He had not gotten a nap and ended up crapped out on the couch. He moved his head the way it is facing in the pictures before I got to him.

I wasn't a terrible mother. As soon as I got the pictures taken, I moved him down the couch so he'd be more comfortable!

E and Brooke. My friend Ronda had Brooke exactly one week after I had E. Here they are together. He is probably 5 weeks and she is 4 weeks.

On one of our trips to Soda, to spend the week with J's parents, E was sleeping and his hands kept twitching and jumping. P was such a sweet brother and held his hand! It was SO cute!

Close up of E and his cute lips and cheeks!

Pics from the first week of August -

P being handsome as usual.

Poor little E was having a terribly gassy day. He fussed and grumped all day. Poor little man!

A rare moment of comfort.

Grammy with our sweet little babe!

Kind of fuzzy but so cute! I absolutely love his cheeks! They are SO kissable and I smooch them a lot. (J actually tells me to stop making out with the baby but I can't help it! It is a mothers duty to smooch the heck out of their babies cheeks!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Smile Caught On Camera! -

We went to my parents for dinner tonight and got some cute pictures.

Amazing how he can go from smile to grimace so quickly! Sweet little man!
(E at 6.5 weeks)

P playing with the stackable cups that I used to play with. They were my favorite toy at one time.

Photos from the past couple weeks -

Sweet little E on August 2, 2009. (1 month old)

P getting ready to blow out his birthday candles on July 26, 2009.

Great Granny with E

Can I help?

What brownie?!

Monday, August 3, 2009

E on 07/15/2009 -

We Celebrated Our 6th Anniversary! -

J and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on July 25th. To celebrate we had dinner and went to the drive-in movie in Soda. I can't believe that I forgot to get a picture of us on the big occasion! :-(

Anyway, the day before, Sugar (J's mom) helped me make a raspberry cheesecake for our anniversary celebration. It was SOOOOO yummy!

Here I am posing with my very first homemade (from scratch) cheesecake!
(I've only ever done from the box Jello cheesecakes before!)

Celebrating P's 3rd Birthday -

We celebrated P's birthday on July 26th in Soda. We opened presents with J's parents before church. We then had dinner with his parents and brother and his family. After dinner, we ran to Pocatello for a Gower family party to see my uncle and aunt, Mike and Pam, and cousin and his wife, Scott and Ashley.

P's birthday cake

Opening his cool motorcycle

Oooh, I got the movie, Babe!

E napping through the presents being opened.

P and I posing with his cake

Grandpa is less than impressed with the presents and is more excited by reading the ads in the paper! ;-)

P Plays Frisbee With Grammy -

P and Grammy played Frisbee on July 6th or 7th.

This kid is an amazing throw!

Having fun.

Acting like a puppy.

"Fetching" the Frisbee for Grammy.