Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday P!

We had been told that his due date was either July 17th or July 21st. So, I was a tad bit upset when he still wasn't here on July 25th. Actually, on the 24th, I had a major meltdown in the OB/GYN office. It wasn't very pretty. Finally, on the morning of the 26th, I started to have some contractions. They were fairly consistent but not close together. Finally after several hours we called the hospital and decided to come and get checked. I think when my doctor heard I was there and contracting, he decided to have them keep me. I was grateful. I wanted him OUT! They broke my water and started the Pitocin but things didn't progress they way the doctor wanted it to. We ended up opting for a c-section and P was born at 10:09 PM on Wednesday, July 26, 2006. Much to my excitement, I finally got to meet this little one and hold him in my arms!

So tiny and precious!

Sweet babe getting burped on his first day at home.

Taking in the view from the front door.

Cute stinker bug!

Our chunky monkey at Christmas time.

One of my favorites!

Love that face!!!

Now look at him .... all growed up! :'-)
Four-years-old today!


What a show off! :-)  Love him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Belated B-Day Party!

My parents were gone to Alaska for a vacation on E's actual birthday, so after they got home, we had a little shindig. We had Sunday dinner and some yummy lemon cake.

I learned from P to remove the clothing before the eating began. Made for an easier clean-up. ;-)

Checkin' out the cake. HMMMMM

BIG BITE! He was in love from the first bite!

Cute cheese ball!

Another cute cheese ball with a mouth full of cake!

Feeling that cake squish between his fingers.

One happy boy!

After birthday bath. Dang, is it me or is he flippin' cute?!?!?

Getting ready for a spray of water to hit his face.

P got jealous and wanted a bath too! :-)

E found P's shoes while he was getting his bath.

E's current trick. I love it!

E is infatuated with my parents dog, Jack. Jack is so extremely patient with the boys. He is a very good dog, and when he has had enough, he hides outside. ;-)

P showing off his awesome jammies that my parents brought back from Alaska.
(It says Hy - BEAR - active, and I must say, the second he put it on, we was very hyperactive!)

E's cute outfit from Alaska!

This kid is such a goof ball! WE LOVE HIM!

By the end of the night, E was D.O.N.E.  He was so tired and inconsolable. Poor man.

Overall, this boy had a wonderful birthday and was spoiled rotten. Thanks mom and dad!


Seriously, can he get any cuter? Good gravy this kid makes my heart melt! <3  :-)

This is a VERY common sight at our house. This boy L.O.V.E.S. shoes. E always has someones shoes on his hands. He loves to crawl around with them. They don't have to be matching or even from the same owner. Sometimes he has one of mine and one of P's. Gotta love this kid!!!!!

Finally posting about the 4th

Sorry that I am just getting to posting about the 4th of July. On the morning of the 4th, we got the boys dressed and headed to I.F. for my cousin's baby's blessing. It was a beautiful blessing and a yummy lunch afterward. Here are some pics of the boys:

After the blessing, we drove to Soda to spend time with J's family. We pretty much just hung out and stuff on Sunday. On Monday, Soda had their Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast and their 4th of July parade. So we attended both and here are some pictures from that:

Me playing on the toys after breakfast. It was pretty chilly that morning, hence the jacket.

Grandma Sugar & Grandpa with E

E hanging out and looking mighty cute!

P playing on the slides.

Here we are waiting for the parade to start. Our sister-in-law and the kiddos came for the parade.

It was very bright and sunny and I was complaining (just a bit) about it and J put the camping chair cover on my head. I actually left it there for a while because it felt good not to squint!

Old Glory

Scampering after candy.

E's reaction to the fire trucks loud horns and sirens. NOT IMPRESSED! :-(
(I promise, we did immediately get him up and comfort him after the photo was taken.)

P was so giddy. He was giggling and squealing the entire time. I think he was in awe that people were freely throwing candy at us. He definitely made away with a TON of candy.

Hanging with my sweet babe.

Awesome float made by J's uncle. The cute boy on his knees is J's cousin.

My favorite 'float' of the parade. J's mom works there too!

A couple of my favorite men hanging out.

Pretty darn good turn out for a "small town parade."

J and his cousin, C, staying together on the way to the library after the parade. Every year they sell books and old movies for cheap so we always have to go and check it out.

Me and J hanging out. I'm showing off the beads that we got from the parade. I am very proud to say that I didn't have to flash anything to get them. Eat that, New Orleans! ;-)


After the parade and book shopping, we went back to J's parents house and BBQ'd some yummy steaks. It was overall a wonderful day. Later that evening we went home.

The boys watching the portable DVD player / miracle worker on the way home.
It was the best investment we ever made!