Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lovin' The New Picnic Table -

*NOTE: About an hour after I made this post, they called and said they were still in town. So we ended up meeting them at Sizzler. So, they did get to see P after all!*

Grandma and Grandpa Lind (AKA Grandma Sugar and Grandpa Grumpy) have had this little picnic table in their back yard. They decided to send it to our house because it will probably get more use. They brought it by today, unfortunately I was gone. I was only gone for 15 minutes too! I feel bad because they don't get to see P enough. Shucks! Anyway, P was so excited and insisted on eating his lunch there. Thankfully, we are having a beautiful Indian Summer! So, here are a couple of pictures:

Big Cheese with a mouthful!

P was trying to talk a squirrel into coming down and sharing his lunch. The squirrel did not oblige.

Please, oh please, come down!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Picture Tag

My friend put this on her blog and I thought it was interesting. You go to Google Images and type in the answer to each of the following questions and pick one of them on the first page.
It was fun to see what popped up if nothing else. Enjoy!

My First Name: (artist has the same first name)

My Middle Name:

My Maiden Name:

My Last Name:

My Age:

Where I'd Like To Visit:

My Favorite Animal:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Bad Habit:

My First Job:

Where I Was Born:

Where I Grew Up & Where I Live Now:

What I'm Doing Now:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ice Blocking For FHE -

We went to Barts Field by ISU ice blocking for Family Home Evening. We went with the Walkers, their friends, and our friend, Ronda and her kids. It was a blast. Lindsay and I took our Young Women ice blocking last week and her kids were so sad that they didn't get to come that we decided to plan a family home evening so they could enjoy the experience. P even rode down with us and enjoyed it. I though he might be too scared but he wasn't! Anyway, here are a few pics.
J and I heading down the hill.

Just getting ready.

Poor P. He has nerds for parents.

All of us heading down there hill. Sorry it is so dark.

J getting ready to go down on his feet.

J just about to biff it.

We had Lindsay's camera and stole a shot of ourselves. We were nerds and forgot our camera so these pictures are all from Lindsay. THANK YOU!!!!! We had a ton of fun! Hmmm ... we've been rock climbing and now ice blocking. We need to think of something else now! Anyone have a suggestion for an "extreme sport" that kids can participate in?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Need Advice -

If you read my "Balls" post below, then you know the story already. P seems to think that I am hiding toy balls under my shirt. We were at the mall today in the play area and he grabbed me saying "Balls!" Luckily, no one was looking but I was still embarrassed to be getting felt up by my son! Anyway, I need some advice. Have any of you went through this with your children? What did you do? What do you think I should do?

Friday, September 19, 2008

J Gets His Craft On!!! -

J built these floating shelves! Don't they look awesome!
Here is a neat towel rack that we bought, no J did not make this but he picked it out!

Here is my cute shower curtain ring! I bought them over 7 years ago and finally put them up!

Gettin' My Craft On!!! -

My awesome friend, Lindsay, made this cool "autumn-ish" sign and I absolutely loved it! I like a lot of crafts but I will rarely actually take the time to make one. But, I was in love and had to do it. I went to her house where she helped me cut the wood to size and cut the vinyl. Actually, she cut and I watched & ate candy with her kids. Then I went home and sanded away like a pro! I was so proud of myself because I used J's band sander all by myself! Astonishing! Anyway, I painted and crafted away last night and this afternoon. I think they turned out pretty darn good ... if I do say so myself! ;o) Thank you so much Lindsay!

Balls -

This is a funny story that I just have to share. Some may be offended but I would certainly hope not. Anyway, I was laying on the couch last night just relaxing. I think J and I were watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager, my husbands favorite. Anyway, as I have mentioned in a prior post, P uses us as his personal jungle gym and is always crawling on us and playing. He was sitting on me and started poking at my chest and saying "Balls, Balls!" He thought I was hiding some toy balls under my shirt or something and would not leave me alone! Finally, I got up and distracted him with something but I was laughing so hard. Sweet, innocent kid! I love him to pieces and now it is on record. He will be so embarrassed later in life when he discovers that I have shared this but that is the life of a kid. We get embarrassed by our parents. It is just a natural part of life! ;o)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Feature

I just added a link (to your right) to my "cell phone blog". I can't figure out how to get the videos, that I take, onto this blog so I am going to link you to it. Let me know if you have trouble getting in. You will have to download Apple Quicktime if you don't have it already.

Also, I saw a sign today that I thought was hilarious! It said:

Will be given espresso and a free puppy
Anyway, I thought it was funny and wanted to share. Have a great day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Playing With "Uncle" Brad -

My parents invited my cousin, Brad, over for dinner on Sunday. P warmed up to him really fast and was playing with him and jumping all over him. P uses J and I as "play things" and bounces off us all the time. I was amazed to see him being so silly with someone he doesn't get to see very often. Anyway, it was really funny so I had to take some pictures!

Where is Uncle Brad's nose?


Check out my belly! P has been interested in belly buttons lately and really wanted to see his Grammy's and Uncle Brad's but, lets just say, they weren't all that excited to share! ;o)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny Yearbook Pics! -

My friend, Evelyn, told me about this cool website (click here) where you can upload a photo of yourself and paste it onto yearbook photos from the 50's through the 90's. It is pretty hilarious and J and I had quite a bit of fun! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!




Thursday, September 11, 2008

Funny Videos

I found these funny videos on YouTube! They are obviously from the 80's but I think they are pretty funny! I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

P's New Tricycle -

We got P a new tricycle because he couldn't reach pedals on the big wheel bike that he got for his birthday. He was getting so frustrated so I broke down and got this one. Now, he still won't try and pedal. Any suggestions? Anyway, here are some pics:

Daddy helping P try to learn the pedals

Grammy trying to help & P pitching a fit.

Daddy taking a turn. Actually, he was trying to show P but I thought it was pretty cute & funny!

Daddy taught P a bad, new trick. They are playing in the window well at my parents house. Once J took P out, P pitched a fit and wanted back in. Now I'm going to have to keep my eye on him! To make matters worse, P discovered a dead mouse while they were down there and touched it ... barely! Needless to say, he got a thorough hand washing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Mom and Her Boy -

On Sunday, while we were at dinner at my parent's house, I decided I wanted to have a picture taken of me and my cute little man. As you can see from below, he WASN'T in the mood! He was freaking out because my mom handed him off and he didn't want to be handed off. He would not stop crying until I gave him back to his Grammy. Silly kid.

After a bit, P calmed down and started running around and playing in the yard. I just sat in the yard and decided to catch him as he ran by. We would snap a couple of shots while I tickled him or something and then we would let him run some more. Luckily, we caught a couple of fairly good shots.

P tolerating his mom.

Being a silly goof!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Learning To Share -

So, J went into the living room the other day to find P on the couch. He loves to tear apart the couch and throw all the pillows on the floor. His Grandma Lind bought him a box of animal crackers and he was munching away. This is Kitty and Bear, P's two sleeping buddies. I just love how there are piles of cookies for each one! SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Tag from the sis-in-law, Maria! -

Rules: list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current goals, 3 current obsessions, and 3 random facts about yourself. Then tag at least 5 people at the end.

3 Joys:
1) My boys, J and P
2) Knowing that I am a child of God
3) Our families

3 Fears:
1) Losing anyone in my family
2) Snakes
3) Drowning

3 Current Goals:
1) Read more
2) Become more crafty
3) Read the scriptures

3 Current Obsessions:
1) Blogging and Facebooking
2) Milk Duds
3) Diet Coke, I am an addict

3 Random Facts About Myself:
1) I won the award for “Most Manliest Burp” at Girl’s Camp and am very proud of it!
2) I found out that I am related to Sarah Palin.
3) I like to listen to hard rock like Linkin’ Park and Silverchair

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend (pics at the end) -

We had a pretty good weekend. J had to work for a few hours on Saturday, so that kind of stunk, but we enjoyed what time we had. While J was at work, P and I went to the park and played and then visited my Grandma & Grandpa. Then we hurried off to cheer my friend, Ronda, as she ran across the finish line at the Pocatello Marathon. I am so proud of her for running a marathon! She is a rock star! Unfortunately, I got there too late and she had already finished but I got to congratulate her anyway!

P was pretty grumpy from having to be in a stroller for over an hour so we headed home for a much needed nap. Afterward, when J got home, we headed for Soda to visit J's parents. J, P, Grandma Sugar, and I walked over to the nursing home to visit J's Grandma Lloyd and P was so cute! He gave Grandma Lloyd a hug and waved at the other residents! I know it made their day! They get so excited when little children come to visit.

We spent the night and most of Sunday in Soda. We attended church with J's parents and P did awesome in nursery. Being a 5Th Sunday, they had combined Priesthood & Relief Society so the Youth taught primary & nursery. Anyway, when I picked up P, the young woman was very happy to tell me that he was the only kid who didn't cry and didn't poop!
Today, Monday, we spent the morning at home. P found J's church shoes and started walking around in them. It was pretty funny. Here are some pictures:

J's brother, Shane, had J draw him a picture and invited us down for deep-fried turkey as payment. He knows the way to my heart is through deep-fried turkey. They fed it to us once a few years ago and I fell in love. Anyway, we drove down to their house and spent the afternoon with Shane and his family. Here is Shane posing with the bird.

I must say, it looks terrible and black but it is DELICIOUS! My nephews love the black skin and I thought they were crazy but decided to be brave and try it and it was pretty good!

P loves his cousin, Breanna and I'm pretty darn sure that she loves him too! Here they are playing on the riding lawn mower. I think he sat there for a good hour steering and "OOOOHHH"ing.

Here I am just being a nerd. That is my specialty! ;o)

P was tuckered out and fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving Shane's house. Here are a couple of pictures. He is so cute!