Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by MamarazziQueso and Crazymama


This week Crazymama wants to know how you pamper yourself...
{1} What is your go to color if you paint your nails? do your toes and fingernails match?
Haha! I chew my fingernails to the nub ... so, no, I don't paint them.

{2} Have you ever gone for a mani/pedi? how often do you go?
I've never had one in a spa but I had a pedi given to me at a Relief Society church function. I am the least girly person you will meet. This probably isn't the week for me to participate! :-)

{3} Do you color your hair? do you have a salon do it or do you do it yourself? 
Before this year, I've only ever done blond highlights on occasion. My hairdresser has done them. A few months ago, my friend Collete talked me into dying my hair. Nothing too drastic ... just a little darker brown. I loved it! I plan on doing it again because I just cut my hair and cut off all the color!

{4} Facials...have you ever had one? 
I've only ever done the homemade facials at home. It really does do wonders. I should probably do them more often.

{5} Would you or have you ever done botox?
No way and not a chance. I refuse to inject botulism into my face. Not gonna do it.
{6} Beauty knows no pain, do you believe in waxing, electrolisis, eyelash extentions, anti-aging creams, micro-dermabrasion, peels, botox? 
I wax my eyebrows quite frequently. I've seen eyelash extensions and think they are awesome. I just can't justify the $$$ it costs to then have to redo them in a few months. I see nothing wrong with the anti-aging creams and micro-dermabrasion. If you can afford it and want it, go for it! Same goes for botox, if you want to do it then I have no problem with it. I just can't stomach the thought of putting botulism into my face.

As I said above and in my prior posts, I had a mini-makeover. I had the same haircut for 15 years and decided to change it up a bit .... as much as I can due to my short hair. I also pierced my ears! Here is a pic for those of you who requested it!
Not the best shot, but you get the idea! I'll try for a better shot another day!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Confessional


Holy shnikees! I haven't confessed in a very long time .....  I guess I better get to it!

I went to school this morning with P. They were hosting a "Mom's and Breakfast" for the students. I was excited because P was so darn excited. :-)  According to the email that I received, we were going to get Costco muffins. Mmmmm! When we arrived, instead of muffins, we received a tiny, minuscule granola bar and a small milk. What the eff!!! I CONFESS that I was downright angry just a tad peeved. For one thing, they didn't give what they promised. But mostly, I was upset to see that that was going to be P's breakfast for the day. I sure hope he makes it until lunch.

I CONFESS that J and I are going to a church Valentine's party tonight. J is partially in charge of it and hasn't even come up with a game yet. I have a feeling that I will be running the game and have to figure it out on the fly. Why do men always wait until the last moment?

I CONFESS that I am going to get my haircut today! :-)  I've had the same haircut since my junior year of high school .... that is 15 years folks. I finally decided to change it up. Want to see my inspiration? (Keep in mind that my hair is short and I can only do so much with it.)
Google Images
I CONFESS that I also went and got my ears pierced! Holy makeover, Batman! Knowing that I was going to be getting this haircut, I wanted to make sure I didn't lose my femininity. So, I have some nice diamond  cubic zirconium studs. I am excited for this change! It has been way too long!

I'll make sure to post pictures after!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesday


{1} How was your Valentine's Day?
It started out rough but got much better! J's car battery died and wouldn't jump start. So he had to take my car and I managed to be able to get myself to work and E to daycare. After work, we went and bough a new battery. This evening J gave me flowers, some chocolate, and some bubble bath! :-)  I gave J an Ipod Shuffle. He is notorious for breaking things .... he better not break this! My parents brought us some Panda Express for dinner. It was a great night! Oh, and to wrap it up, I went grocery shopping after the kids went to bed. La-dee-freakin-da!  ;-)

{2} What is your favorite flower? Did your honey get them for you?
My favorite flowers are petunias and pansies. Not really in season yet. So J gave me a variety of colors of daisy's. They smell divine!

{3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?
I liked it. It was fun to give out Valentine's cards at school and received a truck load of sugar. :-) I was always jealous of the girls who got flowers or balloons delivered to school. I never got that.

{4} Did you put up any Valentine's Day decorations? (bonus points for a picture)
I had great expectations of making a really cute V.D. wreath for my door but I never got it done. Oh, Pinterest, how you entice me and make me drool on a daily basis! Are you following me? I have a button on the left if you aren't!

{5} Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?
Not really. J and I usually exchange a small gift (we were a tad more spendy this year) and go out to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse last night. YUM!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesday

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by MamarazziQueso and Crazymama


{1} What is for dinner tonight (bonus for sharing the recipe)?
Um. Still trying to decide that one. I'm bad. I am usually trying to figure that out at 5 o'clock. I was thinking of putting some chicken in the crock pot. 
I put two cans of cream of chicken soup
1 package of cream cheese
1 package of Italian seasoning
4-5 frozen chicken breasts.
I let that cook all day and then serve it over rice. Extremely fattening but mighty yummy! 

{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.
Getting our tax returns. Unfortunately, we aren't doing anything too exciting with it but we will be paying off debt and cutting up that darn credit card. 

{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting?
I'll be the first to admit it. I've re-gifted and I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. If you aren't going to use it (and it is a good gift), I don't see why not. When J and I got married, we received duplicates and triplicates of several items. Some we kept, some we returned to the store for cash, and some we re-gifted. Being a young LDS couple, we had several friends getting married over the next few years.

{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture?
Me? Never. I like it where it is. J on the other hand, he'll rearrange once or twice a year. 

{5} Share a picture from your cellphone or camera. 
(There were all taken with my cellphone. I just had fun with them on Photobucket!)

E helping me get my taxes done the last 2 years! :-)

My sweet boys love each other. So stinkin' cute!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swappy Swap Swap!

I'm participating in another Swap with Mamarazzi! I can't wait!