Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Gosh, I love these kids! E was just a brand new little fella and P was holding his hand because he kept starling and twitching.
These boys are the best of friends and love each other so much. Every once in a while, we still catch them holding hands in the car. :-)  Melts my heart!

P Keeps Getting Bigger

P graduated from Kindergarten in May 2012. 

P's first day of 1st Grade!  His growing up so fast!

E Starts 3-Year-Old Preschool!

E has some speech delays and was accepted into a special preschool that teaches him preschool stuff and also helps him with his speech!  He absolutely loves it and he REALLY LOVES to ride the bus!

Showing off his backpack!

So flippin' cute!

Hurry up and snap the picture Mom! I wanna ride the bus!

Superman Shoot - Taken June 2012



Don't die of shock but K is actually blogging! I was looking through past posts reminiscing about prior Halloweens with the kids and decided to update.

J and I as Salt & Pepper. Too bad I am blinking!

P is a vampire

E was a reluctant cowboy. He was supposed to be a dinosaur but refused to wear the costume.

My friends baby was a sack of Idaho potatoes! Such a cute idea!

J borrowed a friends stethoscope and became "Dr. Pepper!"

E inhaling his yummy candy!


Halloween is the only day I get to rock a fauxhawk so I did it! P had some blue spray (from crazy hair day at school) so I helped myself!

Awesome Mormon missionaries!

Our pumpkin!