Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's Lap

We had our ward Christmas party last night. We had dinner and a program. Afterwards, Santa made an appearance. P really didn't even care about Santa. We've never really talked about Santa so he doesn't really understand. We decided to go have him sit on Santa's lap. I totally anticipated a huge emotional breakdown. Amazingly enough, P didn't cry or scream but he sure did pout!

Check out Santa's beard. That is real! He lives in our ward. He grows it out every Christmas for the ward party.

I couldn't help but get a picture with Santa too. I was having a very hard time deciding what to ask for. ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Months Old

DON'T MISS 'EM!! :-)

Lovin' The Chair

E is finally able to use this chair more .... much to the dismay of P. Actually, P still plays with it quite a bit but now he has to share. It is pretty cool. You can attach this tray on it and either put a place mat so they can eat cereal or put this toy on. E gets quite a kick out of this toy.

First Try At Rice Cereal

Here is E (almost 5 months) on the day he first tried rice cereal. He had a cold and was tired. I should have waited for a better day but he had shown so much interest in J's food I couldn't help myself. I can't decide how he felt about it. :-)

Here is P trying out rice cereal his first time. The poor kiddo was so tired. I seem to manage trying to give them their new experience when they are too pooped to enjoy it. Anyway, I believe P was about 5 months in this picture.