Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shamu Makes Surprise Appearance In Poky!!! -

My cousin, Jessi, and her parents are here visiting from Alaska. On Friday, we went to Ross Park and had my brother-in-law, Shane, take family pictures. Afterward, P and I met Jessi and her friend, Emily, up at the Holiday Inn to go swimming. Now, I wasn't about to go get into a swim suit so I wore a t-shirt and shorts. Anyway, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a "beached whale" shot of me. So, here you go!

This was P's real first experience in a large pool. He never left the steps. He is just like his mama! He has to be in complete control and feel the bottom. Anyway, he did have lots of fun splashing and playing. This is the only good shot I got of him. He was moving too much and the rest of the pictures that have Jessi in them were completely blurry.

Anyway, we had a fun time and enjoyed ourselves. I hope the other people at the pool weren't too disgusted by me! It could have been worse. I could have gone in just a swim suit but I decided to spare their eyes. ;-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bryce Millward - One awesome guy

Here is a link to a news report about one of the best guys I knew who died on Wednesday. I was browsing around, reading articles and discovered that I had been quoted. 

Chubbuck Soldier Dies in Helicopter Crash in Hawaii - KPVI NEWS 6: Pocatello, Idaho Falls-Weather, Sports, News-

We love you Bryce and I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we will see you again one day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kitty Potty Trained Before P -

The other day I was playing on the blog or Facebook (what else is new?!?! ;-) ) and J yelled for me to come with the camera. So, I grabbed the camera and headed towards his voice. I came around the corner to the bathroom and found this . . .

J had been watching P teaching Kitty the tricks of the trade. We have never laughed so hard! Now . . . if we could only get P to do what Kitty is doing.
That is a completely different story. :'-(

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'! -

This winter, J found this cool car near where he works. It is obvious that it once had a motor of some kind in it but it doesn't have one now. Anyway, he packed it home and put it in the garage to see if he could restore it. P discovered it and loves to be pulled around in it. Here are a few pictures from yesterday evening:

Even Grammy came over for a minute to tug the kiddo around!

I am SO proud of myself for getting this shot! Usually J gets the really good shots but I can totally say that this one is all mine!!!

Here is P helping Grammy take the car back to the "garage" AKA shed.

P then had to show Grammy his lawn mowing skills. This kid loves his lawn mower especially when we put the bubbles in it!

Here I am (with my big ol' pregnant belly) resting on a rock in our back yard. ;-)
(Taken May 20, 2009)

Best buds! They were hugging goodbye and stopped for a photo. I love these two SO much!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Belly Update

Growing, growing, growing!  I believe this picture was taken on May 3, 2009.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Mother's Day -

For Mother's Day, we went to visit J's mom in Soda. J's brother and his sister and their families also came. We pretty much just hung out, visited, and ate lots of yummy food.

Here is Laura, Patrick, Me, and Steven hanging out watching a movie. Laura looks SO thrilled to be getting her picture taken. ;-)

Here is Grandma Sugar, P, and his cousin. We were trying to get him to say cheese but he was totally looking the wrong way!

Now he is looking the right way!

So, my mother-in-law is a huge fan of old horror films from the 50's, 60's, and even 70's. She found out that I hadn't seen hardly any of these films and so she made me watch one this weekend. As you can see, we watched THEM. Pretty nerdy if you ask me! It is about these ants that are huge (due to radiation exposure after a nuclear bomb had been tested) and these ants start attacking people in the city. It is really cheesy but I managed to sit through it. Just so you know, I love you to bits Mom! I wouldn't sit through that "torture" for just anybody! ;-)

After the movie, we ate lunch and just hung out outside in the beautiful weather. We all got a little sunburn from it but that is okay! I'm so happy to not have to wear my jacket!

Here is P with his cousin. P followed him around everywhere and they had a blast together. At one time, they were wrestling and it was pretty cute. I wish I had had my camera handy!

Here is Steven posing with his Mother's Day present. WHAT?!?!?! How rude! Uncle Bruce gave him this table saw and all I got was a hug? Oh well, life goes on! ;-)

Afterward, we came home and made a quick visit to my parents to give my my mom her Mother's Day cards. All in all, it was a great day. I love being close to family and getting to spend time with them. I hope all of you mothers, mothers-to-be, and surrogate moms had a great day. I know I did!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 30th J! -

Today is my sweet husbands birthday. So, I wanted to share 30 things that I love about J.
1. He is DANG cute!

2. He has such an awesome knowledge of and love for the gospel.
3. He is an awesome father.
4. He is an awesome husband who takes such good care of me.
5. I love that J works so hard to provide for us.
6. I love J's sensitive spirit.
7. I love that J is the decorator of our house. I'm not very artsy and don't have the eye for those things, so I'm grateful that he does.
8. I love that J is willing to be silly.

9. I'm so grateful that J holds and honors the priesthood.
10. I love that J is close to his parents.
11. I love to watch J play with P.
12. It melts my heart to see the adoration that P has for his Daddy.
13. It also melts my heart to see the adoration that J has for P.
14. I love that J has a good relationship with my parents and that I have a good relationship with his parents.
15. I love J's eye for photography. Most of the neat pictures you see displayed on this blog have been taken by him.
16. I'm so grateful for J because he works very hard and has a very labor intensive job that wears him out. Yet, he manages to be present with us and play with P.

17. I am in awe of J's artistic talents.
18. J is an amazing drawer with black-and-white pencil and colored pencil.
19. J is an awesome sculptor.
20. J is also an awesome painter.
21. I love J's cheesy grin!

22. I am amazed at J's patience. Maybe it is because I have none, but he truly is the most patient person I know.
23. I love that J has a love for the outdoors and sees the beauty in the earth.
24. I think it is great when J points out trees that need to be pruned as we are driving from here to there.
25. I love that J will just sit with me and talk. He is also so willing to let me just cry on his shoulder if that is what I need.
26. I am proud that he is so dedicated to his family (us and extended family).
27. I have so much fun watching him interact with his brothers. They are true brothers and can get into all sorts of trouble, if we let them!
28. I must say that I love J's muscles.
29. I love J for being such a wonderful person and I love that he tries so hard to do the right thing.
... and last but not least ...
30. I love J because he picked me to be his eternal companion!

I love ya, babe, and I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Past Week -

We've had a good week. Last Saturday, I met J's parents half way between our houses and they took P for the day so that we could work on our family room. P tries to help a little too much so we were extremely grateful for them. We got a lot of work done and are making progress. Late in the afternoon, we drove up and had dinner with J's parents. We stayed the night and attended church with them. Here is a picture of P sitting with Grandpa Grumpy snacking on some cheerios or something.

We were watching The Day The Earth Stood Still, a remake of a movie from the 1950's. Lets just say ... it was interesting. We then watched the original movie and it made me laugh. The "special effects" were pretty good considering it was made in the 50's!


On Tuesday, I heard that my friend, Carli, and gone and visited our mutual friend, Kim the week prior. I was WAY jealous and decided to go and visit her too. So, on Wednesday, P and I packed up and drove to Logan for a day trip. It was really good to see her and meet her little boys. I hadn't met the youngest two so I was excited. Anyway, I took my camera but we were so busy talking and watching the boys play that I totally forgot to take pictures. I did manage to get a cute one of P and her son looking out the window.

They were watching someone across the street mow their lawn. Another mutual friend of ours, Jennifer, lives just around the corner from Kim and she came over too. It was so great to see such good friends. I wish we lived closer and could see each other more often. I had a great time and so did the kids.


On Saturday, we went and helped J's brother (and his family) move into their new house. Actually J helped, P played with cousins, and I just sat and watched. They wouldn't let me move or carry anything. The perks of pregnancy, I guess! ;-) Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and celebrated J's birthday which will be on Tuesday, May 5th. It was great to be able to see some of the family and spend time with them. I look forward to late June when J's sister, Heather, and her family come for a visit. We miss them and wished that Colorado was closer to us!


Today, Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day with my family. We are going to Soda next Sunday so we decided to celebrate Mother's Day today, as well as, J's birthday. We had yummy dinner and cake. I love my family so much and feel so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who we are so close to and who love us.