Monday, April 27, 2009

When Daddy Does Hair -

Don't forget to check out the Sprinkler Shenanigans post below. I did two for the day.
The other day P's hair was out of control. J decided to play with it and spiked it up. Here is a pic:

P got upset with Daddy because he kept taking a bunch of photographs and P was getting sick of it. I love this shot that J got! This is a scowl that few people see ... besides J and me.

Sprinkler Shenanigans -

J and P went to play in the backyard last week when it was warmer. J set up the sprinkler and the fun began. Here are some great pics that we got of P.

Yay! I'm having fun!

Our Naturally Irresistible boy!

Getting soggy.

Catching some water in the big ol' mouth of his.

I'm really wet and cold!

I'm cold. He was letting us know it was time to go inside. He warmed up in a nice bath and slept the night away. This is just the beginning of our sprinkler shenanigans for the spring and summer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look What I Came Home To! -

I've been having a hard time lately with being pregnant, feeling huge, and realizing I still have 10 1/2 weeks to go. Anyway, J got me this plant. (He knows that I'm not a huge fan of flowers because they die so quickly.) He also wrote me a little poem. I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of him and I just had to share.

Here is a view of the bloom. It is heart shaped ... AWW!!! I love my hubby!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuckered Out -

We have church at 1 PM on Sunday, hence, P doesn't get a nap. After a hard day of playing in the nursery and then going to Grammy & Grampy's house for dinner and more playtime tuckers a kid out! Here is a picture of P in his high chair having a snack after we had gotten home from Grammy's house.

Bath Time Fun -

P always has such a fun time in the bathtub and smiles, laughs, and splashes like crazy. I had J get the camera out to capture some of his fun faces and antics.
I'm having fun!

Good shot of a splash.

Dumping water on his head with an Easter egg.

Upping the spillage with a cup!

Cute face

We love our little man! He makes life so much fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good News & Rude News

Okay, good news first. As some of you may know, I “failed” my first glucose test a couple weeks ago. Since I failed, I had to go back and do the 3-hour fasting test and get blood drawn 4 times. I went to the doctor today for my check-up and he said that my test came back NORMAL!!! Yeah! I was really nervous about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and am really happy to know that I don’t have it. (On a side note, I’ve been extremely addicted to no-bake cookies lately and decided to make a “final batch” last night, just in case the test results were bad. How terrible is that!) :-)

Okay, now the rude news. I was lead to believe that my due date was July 4th for this entire pregnancy. We got to schedule the c-section today and the nurse asked if I wanted July 2nd or July 6th. I was like, wait a minute, my due date is the 4th shouldn’t it be scheduled sooner than that? Well, apparently, my due date is actually July 9th! How rude! Don’t extend on my people! I’m already miserable and ready to smack someone. Anyway, I don’t care what they say. My due date is still July 4th and I’ll be having my c-section on Thursday, July 2nd.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To -

We have been enjoying the warmer weather the last couple of days. We opened the door to let in some fresh air. P managed to grab a bag of chips and his doodle pad and went to enjoy the sunshine. Here are a couple pics:
Nibbling away

BUSTED!!! This was before dinner time so he knew he was in trouble!


J works with a lot of loud machinery so he wears these headphones to block out some of the noise. He was doing some woodworking at home and brought them home so save his ears. P found them and decided to try them on.

J is taking a picture of him with the cell phone. He didn't want to wear them anymore but we made him so we could get a picture of it. He is totally looking at J with a "Are ya done yet?" expression. So cute!

Here are J and P working out. J was doing push-ups and P wanted to join. The cutest part was that P wasn't pushing up with his arms but just kind of moving his bum up and down!

Things are going good here at our house. We're still working on the family room remodel (slowly but surely) and have celebrated going from triple digits to double digits for the countdown of days for the baby to come. I had my usual Glucose test for the pregnancy and failed. *Drat!* So, tomorrow I have to go and do the 3-hour fasting test. I am not looking forward to it but hopefully I pass and it was just a fluke!
J is staying busy with work and business has picked up for me and my dad. THANK HEAVENS! Business was absolutely DEAD during November & December but we've seen a pick up in refinancing and recently have seen a pick up of purchasing ... which means business for us!
Anyway, that is my travel-logue for the week. I hope all is going well for you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

P's Prayer -

Every night we have family prayer and then help P with his personal prayer. Most of the time he just jabbers away in his language which we don't understand much of. Anyway, this is how his prayer went tonight:
Fader (Heavenly Father) jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber Grammy (Grammy Teeples) jabber jabber jabber Gampa (Grandpa Teeples) jabber jabber Daddy jabber jabber Mama jabber jabber jabber TV jabber jabber Mama Puter (I think he is tattling that I'm on the computer too much) jabber jabber Amen!
Anyway, J and I just snickered away when he started praying about the TV and about mama on the computer. I love my little man and he sure brings a lot of humor and love into the house!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Going Public

After much thought, we've decided to let our blog be public. My hope is that more people (especially family members) will be able to check the blog and see how we are doing. I know that there are some somewhat "computer illiterate" people out there and I hope this helps and makes it easier for you to see how we are doing. We shall see how this goes. If I feel that we are not "safe" or something, we may make the decision to go private again.
In the meantime, I'm going to have a couple of different ways for you to follow our blog. That way you will know when I have made a new post. Have a great day!