Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Up -

Not much is really happening around here. I've been lazy and have not been taking pictures. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Finances have been REALLY tight lately because I don't have a job and no one wants to hire a big, pregnant gal. Anyway, we thought we'd move downstairs into our basement apartment and rent the upstairs. We can get $400/month for downstairs and $650-$700/month for the upstairs. So, our thought process was that we could certainly use the additional income. So, we got half-way moved downstairs when the tenant, who I had already found, ended up not being able to move in. (Long story short - Poky Housing would have made them sign a year lease and they couldn't do that because he might get transferred with his schooling program before the year was up. Not their fault, just an annoying Poky Housing policy.) We sat there, half upstairs and half downstairs, wondering what to do. We had just finished the remodeling of our family room upstairs and didn't want to rent to just anyone who might end up trashing it. So, we decided back upstairs we go. So it has been a busy couple of weeks of moving our humongous amounts of crap up and down the stairs. I feel so bad for J. He has had to move most of the crap since I can't do much. He is an awesome man and I love him to bits.

On a bright note, J has gotten another commission job from Don Aslett to make a sculpture. (He made another sculpture for Don Aslett 3 1/2 years ago.) We are excited for him to be able to use his talents and bring in some additional cash.

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The Adams family said...

oh, girl I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal! I hope you get things rented out and things get better for you. Just think in a little while you will have a new one to take your mind off of it. Please let me know if you need any help!