Saturday, November 7, 2009

E Tries Out The Exersaucer!

E likes his Exersaucer ... in short spurts. He's still working on gaining his strength so he can't handle it for too long. He is SO cute and just sits there and stares and studies all the toys. Such a cute little stinker! :-)

Can you say Toy Hog? Look at those legs! Too funny.


Matt and Lindsay said...

Oh my that M&M shirt is so cute! And never put Ethan in that toy again!!!! It makes him look all grown up :o) He is getting so big. Why do they have to grow up so fast. It seems like you were just pregnant sitting out on the lawn with me in the hot sun! How time goes by!

Jordan Mama said...

I LOVE these pictures!! I have the EXACT same pictures of my boys!! : )

The big brother is just making sure that it is safe enough for the little brother!! Same with the Bumbo chair!! : )

The Gray Gang said...

Ahh, Kevin does the same thing! He also dumps Julia out of the Bumbo if I'm not sitting right there, as well as steals the boppy, and the binkie, and the blankie, and and and... big brothers they're so sweet!