Wednesday, May 5, 2010

31 Interesting (and maybe not so interesting) Things About Our Birthday Boy, J!

  1. He is an amazing artist!
  2. He is the best daddy in the world. The boys love him SO much!
  3. He is the youngest of 5 kids. He has 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
  4. He has had a very close relationship with his Grandma Lloyd.
  5. He served a mission for the LDS church in England, Manchester.
  6. He taught his father to love watching Spongebob Squarepants. Much to the dismay of his mother! ;-)
  7. He is willing to try any type of food at least once.
  8. We haven't found much that he doesn't like.
  9. He served in the Elder's Quorum presidency (as both counselors and secretary) for a consecutive 5 years!
  10. He loves to workout but doesn't get much of a chance with P constantly leaping on him the second he gets on the floor to workout.
  11. He loves to work with his hands.
  12. He enjoys working in the outdoors doing all types of yard work.
  13. He is known for starting projects that end up being a lot larger than anyone anticipated! :-)
  14. He's never gotten over the loss of his Dodge Spirit after the car accident. He got t-boned by an old lady and it totaled his car. :'-(
  15. He has an amazing knowledge of stars and astronomy.
  16. He loves to learn about the gospel and delve deep into doctrine and the revelations of the 2nd Coming.
  17. He is not a lover of sweets. (How did he manage to get me? I eat my helping of sugar and his too!)
  18. He has an amazing relationship with his mother. It was one of the things that solidified my decision that he was "the one!"
  19. When he decides to learn about something, he goes all the way. He reads anything he can get his hands on to learn about it.
  20. He suffers with dyslexia and we've discovered recently that he also has dysnomia. Dysnomia is a condition that affects the memory and word finding. This totally explains his extreme difficulty with coming up with words at times and his difficulty remembering names. It is nice to finally have a name for it.
  21. He injured himself A LOT growing up. One incident that remains the "most remembered" by his family is when he fell out of a tree. He fell and impaled his arm on a tree branch, the branch ripped out of his arm and left a very large wound. They were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. The raced to the car and his dad raced down the mountain to the hospital. They say he was lucky because the tree branch managed to miss his major artery. We've got a blessed man on our hands.
  22. He prefers to be a homebody. ... And usually, so do I.
  23. He has an eye for photography but doesn't have the time or proper equipment to do it. We'll leave that up to his brother, Shane. He is AWESOME!
  24. He loves to read about the gospel and discuss it with people.
  25. He currently serves as the 1st Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency.
  26. He has a love for trees and plants. He, as his family would say, was obsessed with Bonsai trees when he was younger. He loves to prune trees and care for them.
  27. When we'd been married for about 9 months, he talked his brother into getting him two hamsters for his birthday. Of course, they didn't check with me first and just did it. I wasn't very thrilled but decided to allow the vermin to enter my home. Not long after, J decided he was going to breed hamsters for his work, McKee's pet store. In not a very long period of time, two hamsters became A LOT of hamsters. At one point we had 7 fish tanks full of hamsters and their babies. He finally got rid of the hamsters when P was about 3 or 4 months old. I was one happy girl! :-)
  28. He loves to do all types of projects. Drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking, home improvement, etc.
  29. He loves to drive through big puddles during rain storms. He knows it drives me crazy and he still does it. Oh well. :-)
  30. He loves his parents and siblings a lot. He tries to keep in contact with them the best he can and loves when they call him too! We are blessed to have them in our lives.
31. He has a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He serves faithfully in callings. He is an amazing man who honors his Priesthood. We are blessed to have him in our lives. We love you J aka Daddy! :-)


Mrs. Perkins said...

Happy Birthday Josh! He IS interesting! Remind me not to go flying with him any time soon. I'm not looking for impalement anytime soon. yikes!

Bonna said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday J!!!

Marta said...

That is our boy Josh! Happy Birthday!