Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happenings of the past week or two

P took a pretty big tumble on the concrete at daycare. He didn't really need the big white bandage but he felt pretty cool. Silly boy needs to be more careful! :-)

Happy Fireman!

Holy Cuteness, Batman!

E is constantly grabbing at our pants. Actually, he is usually pulling J's leg hairs! OUCH!

Sweet babe!

P is a potato chip-aholic. The other day he got a ton of chips and put it in his Doctor bag! :-)

Gotta love it! Silly boy.


Bonna said...

Sorry about all the owies! But the potato chips??? P is a kid after my own heart! I think E will be walking before you know it. He is really grabbing anything he can reach to pull himself up with. Such cute kids!!!

Shantel said...

your kids are so cute!!!! it must be so much fun having two boys!!

Melissa Burrup said...

Your kiddos are too cute. I have to say I think the mohawk is a good look for you :) Your a fun mom- lucky boys!!

Darci and Ryan said...

Boys will be boys! Gotta love 'em. Love the mohawks, how fun are you?!