Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Is Looking Up!

I think 2011 is looking up!!! As I previous posted, we had some car trouble. I took it to a mechanic in town that I thought was trustworthy. He quoted me $1,375 to fix our fan. I nearly fainted and decided we'd have to park it and wait. We borrowed my sweet mother's car and were going to wait until tax returns came. My sister-in-law was shocked at the quote and asked permission to do some checking around for us. She talked to a friend from high school who is a mechanic. He quoted her a price of $690.  THAT IS HALF!!!!!!! She trusts him and believes he does good work. So, I immediately scheduled a time to take the van in .... today. So, I left it with him this morning. He finished earlier than anticipated and didn't have to do quite as much work on it as he thought. So, all in all, we ended up paying $510!!!!  Such a blessing! :-)  I am grateful that there are honest people out there. The thing that really irks me is that J's car had trouble two years ago. We took it to the mechanic I mentioned at the beginning and he charged us an arm and a leg. It makes me really wonder just how much he screwed us then. Major lesson learned. I will always check around and make sure I'm getting the right deal. I will never, ever go to Alameda Automotive again! I suggest you don't either. I'll travel the 20 minutes to our new mechanic! :-)

By the way, E celebrated turning 18 months on the 01/02/2011!!! He is getting to be such a big boy! I took him to his check up yesterday. He is 26 pounds of pure cuteness which puts him at 51%. He is 33 inches tall which puts him at 61%. I can't remember the measurement for his head but it is off the charts! :-)  He takes after his mommy and his brother. We've got lots of brains in these large noggins!

Here are some wonderful things about our sweet boy, E!
*He is now saying: No, Ow, Ma or Mom, Da (Dad), Bye
*He still loves to wear shoes. If he finds some lying around he will wear them. Even if they're his daddy's!
*He gives nice sloppy kisses when he feels like it.
*He leads with his head and smacks it a LOT!
*According to J, he is 100% adorable!
*He loves peanut butter and jelly and likes to smear it in his hair.
*He loves to play with his brother, P.
*He is a total daddy's boy.
*When he pouts, he digs his head into anything near him, i.e. couch, someone's leg, floor, wall, bed, etc.
*He loves bath time and has a major meltdown each time we take him out.


Shantel said...

Car problems are the worst! I'm glad you found somebody better to take care of your van. I had a similar situation happen here in Twin. It's frustrating. But hey, your boys are so stinkin' cute! And don't worry, my little girls' head measurements were never below the 96th percentile! We must have smart kids! haha!

Michelle said...

SO happy to hear your car repair was less than what you expected! What a huge relief for you guys!

I can't believe E is 18 months! He was just a baby the first time I met him. Wow!

WhisperingWriter said...

yay that's great that it didn't cost so much!