Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning Snow & My New Surprise! -

So, we have had a TON of snow lately! Christmas morning was pretty crazy! We were spending time with my family in the morning and then we were going to head to Soda to be with J's family. Unfortunately, the snow stopped us. But, we were able to go to Soda the next day. So we were happy! :o)

Here is the drifted snow in the door way. It really is deeper than it looks!

P wanted to help his daddy so we put on his snow suit. THANKS AUNT MARIA FOR THE HAND-ME-DOWN! We got it just in time!

P stole my shovel and was helping daddy. I didn't shovel very much, just so you know!

Move over please! I don't want to throw snow on you!


Awesome story! Our neighbors across the street GAVE IT to me! (You can see their house across the street in the picture of J with the door.) Anyway, Sister Anderson heard me talk to the Young Women about how hard it is to try and keep up my piano playing skills without a piano in my home. Her husband, they've only been married for a couple years, has had this piano sitting in his basement gathering dust for SEVERAL years. She talked to him and he said he'd love to give it to us. So, we got a bunch of burly Elder's Quorum members to come and help haul the thing across the street! I am so excited and I love it! I can't believe they just gave it to me but I am so grateful! We've wanted to get a piano for a very long time but haven't been able to afford it. Thank you so much Cort and Brandy Anderson!


The Adams family said...

I am so exicted for you! I finally got a piano a couple of years ago and it totally made me day, I wish mine was free like yours! We should get together and jam one of these days. I am glad that you are down to 2 jobs and that you had a wonderful christmas

teresa said...

That is AWESOME. Don't you love it when that kind of thing happens! What nice neighbors. I love the Christmas posts, happy holidays!!