Monday, August 3, 2009

We Celebrated Our 6th Anniversary! -

J and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on July 25th. To celebrate we had dinner and went to the drive-in movie in Soda. I can't believe that I forgot to get a picture of us on the big occasion! :-(

Anyway, the day before, Sugar (J's mom) helped me make a raspberry cheesecake for our anniversary celebration. It was SOOOOO yummy!

Here I am posing with my very first homemade (from scratch) cheesecake!
(I've only ever done from the box Jello cheesecakes before!)


The Perkins Family said...

That looks incredibly yummy!!! Happy Anniversary!!

The Sayer Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Your cheesecake looks so tasty and Kjerstin, you look great!

Adam and Kym said...

Ooh, that does look tasty!

Shae said...

Yum!! Looks Tasty!! You look great, btw!!