Monday, August 24, 2009

More pics -

The other day P went to watch a movie after getting home from the babysitters house. He had not gotten a nap and ended up crapped out on the couch. He moved his head the way it is facing in the pictures before I got to him.

I wasn't a terrible mother. As soon as I got the pictures taken, I moved him down the couch so he'd be more comfortable!

E and Brooke. My friend Ronda had Brooke exactly one week after I had E. Here they are together. He is probably 5 weeks and she is 4 weeks.

On one of our trips to Soda, to spend the week with J's parents, E was sleeping and his hands kept twitching and jumping. P was such a sweet brother and held his hand! It was SO cute!

Close up of E and his cute lips and cheeks!


Will and Jeni Davis said...

That is one of the sweetest pictures ever!! You should display that one at home!!

steph said...

Ethan is looking more like Preston all the time. You have the cutest little boys. And tell Rhonda congrats, that's so fun. Does she have a blog or anything? I would love to catch up w her. Hope you're having fun.

steph said...

sorry me again, but i forgot to tell you that the pic of the boys holding hands is absolutely adorable. Preston is the cutest big brother.