Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Sunday & Crafts

Here are a couple pictures from last Sunday.

What a handsome little man!

I didn't even realize that I had dressed them in kind of matching clothes. How cute, too bad P wouldn't quit wiggling and sticking his tongue out! :-)

Pretty good picture of P, minus the blurry arm!

So, I am VERY behind on my seasonal crafts. I made these Spring blocks back in the Spring. I had J cut the wood and had my awesome friend, Lindsay, cut me some letters. So I painted the blocks and put the letters on. My mom set me up with all this cute paper to embellish the blocks but I never got around to it. So, in August, she took them home and finished them for me. THANKS MOM! I love you!

Aren't they cute!!?? Now summer has come and gone and I never got around to making summer blocks. But, at least I have my Harvest and Winter blocks ready for their coming seasons!


Walker Family said...

Your boys are so cute! I love the picture! They are growing so fast. I do love your spring blocks! Maybe if we work together we can get some summer blocks done by next June :o) I didn't get mine done either. We should meet at the park next week and enjoy our last bit of warm weather! Call me :o)- Lindsay

Jill and Levi said...

Cute boys, and cute blocks. I need to be a bit more creative :) It was fun to hang with you and your cute boys. Love ya!

Lewis Family said...

Love the orange outfits, cute boys and darling blocks!