Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well, duh!

Earlier this evening, P was asking J for some milk. He kept saying, "I want milk, I want milk, can I have milk?" I kept prompting him to say please but he wasn't complying. Anyway, he got right next to J and said, "I want milk." J said, trying to prompt P to say please, "How do you get milk?" to which P replied, "Go to the fridge!" We both burst out laughing because it was so very true. Needless to say, P got his milk. That boy makes us laugh! :-)


Marta said...

it is all so plain to you and I, maybe a what do you say to get milk?

Lewis Family said...

That's too funny! Once when my niece was 2 years old she ordered my sister to get her some juice. My sister said, "What do you say?" My niece thought for a moment then replied, "You have till the count of 3 to get me my juice!"