Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

J's mom throws a Halloween Bash for the family every year. So, of course, we went up on Friday. It was a lot of fun. We had homemade donuts, homemade root beer, homemade soup in homemade loaves, and lots of sweets! We carved pumpkins and enjoyed watching the kids in their costumes. Here are some pictures from the event.

P (Dinosaur), A (Bakugan character), Grandma Sugar (Pirate), E (Pea in a pod), W (Bunny), and C (Lion).
The only child not in the picture is A. She is almost 1 month old and dressed up as a cute baby!

This is the best shot of E and P together. P was having too much fun running around being a dinosaur and roaring at everyone.

Grandma Sugar as a pirate! She made her costume herself.

Cutest little pea in a pod!

P lookin' good.

Our nephew showing us some Bakugan action moves.



J's pumpkin. It wouldn't sit up so he got creative. I love it!

The kids were "raking" leaves today.


Marta said...

Grandma Sugar rocks! What a cool tradition, and cute kids!

The Perkins Family said...

That sounds like sooooo much fun! Grandma Sugar must be fun. Her costume is kind of "sexy" for a grandma. haha!

Higgtastic said...

Seriously, your Grandma throws a totally sweet party and her last name is "Sugar?" Yes! So meant to be!

Your kids costumes totally take the cake. I don't even know what a Bakugan is, but google will take care of that! Preston looks like he had fun and Ethan couldn't be sweeter!

Jordan Mamma!! said...

So cute and so much fun!!! Can we be adopted by Grandma Sugar, please?

Preston already knows Bakugan- WOW!!!

: )