Friday, October 16, 2009

Smiles, Kicks, and Pouts

I took this first video because J and P discovered that E would kick wildly and excitedly. Toward the end, he gets a pouty face which is the first I had seen! So sweet. (Grammy, make sure to listen to J's voice at the end of the first one.)

This second video is after the pouty incident. We got some good smiles and a little bit of P. I love these boys so much! It is such a blessing to have them in our home! :-)


Marta said...

what a cute little pout, just like his Daddy!

The Perkins Family said...

1st vid: he's thinking "I live with a bunch of crazies!".

2nd vid: "I live with a bunch of crazies! YIPEE!!!".

Cute boys! Cute mommmy!! Cute cute cute!!!

Lewis Family said...


Walker Family said...

So cute! And so grown up, it happens so fast. Hope you guys are all well. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!!!