Sunday, September 5, 2010


I post a lot of great stuff on Facebook that never seems to find its way here. Silly tidbits of life, funny things that P does or says, etc. I thought I had better share some of them before I forget. (Actually, I didn't remember all of these. I found an application on Facebook that shows me my history of status'. SWEET!)

  • The other night J was getting P ready for bed. P started talking to J very seriously about something but no sound was coming out of his mouth. He kept mouthing words and having a very intense discussion with J. J kept saying, "What are you doing? Why are you doing that?" Finally, P spoke and said in a matter of fact voice, "DAAADDD! I can't hear!"
  • P has these two inflatable Crayons that are about a foot long. He loves it when we put them under his shirt, on his back, so then he feels like he has a jet-pack. He runs around playing like he is an astronaut. Anyway, the other day, he runs up to me (with said Crayons in place) and says, "Mom! I have LOTS of gas!"  I nearly died laughing! :-)
  • Every night we tell P he has ten minutes before he has to go and get ready for bed. It is a nice buffer that lets him get used to the idea of going to bed and has stopped the major tantrums ... most of the time. One night, his ten minutes were up and he was not pleased. He informed me that I was no longer his mom and that Grandma Bonna was. ("Grandma Bonna" is his awesome daycare provider.) I might have been upset but I love Bonna to bits so it didn't bother me! :-)  P loves going there and loves to see Grandma Bonna at church!
  • While we were driving somewhere, P told me, "Daddy is big and strong ..... and you are short!"
  • P kept talking about the "a-keer-um" and I had no idea what he was talking about! Finally, I figured out he was trying to say: aquarium!
  • I asked P to put his toys away and he said, with a know it all voice, "but Mom, it's too late!" Whatever dude, clean up!
  • P saw the crescent moon a while back and exclaimed, "Where did the broken pieces go?!"
  • P loves to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and started running around, saying Ka-moon-ga!  (Cowabunga)
  • We had quite the experience on August 1st. I went to a neighborhood party with my parents. One of the hosts was a Bishop of mine from my childhood. He lost his right arm in a farming accident as a child. P noticed and kept mentioning it to me. I told him that it was okay and explained the accident. When my parents arrived, P started talking about it again trying to show them. I kind of shushed him because I was embarrassed. Then, as we were getting ready to leave, the sweet man came up to say goodbye to us. I shook his hand and then he turned to P to say goodbye. P immediately declared, "You have one arm!" He was so sweet and nice and said, "Yes I do!" Then he tried to convince P that he had sucked on his thumb and ended up biting his arm off. P immediately said, "Nuh uh! A tractor did it!" I think it caught him off guard but he knew he had been caught and laughed. I am so grateful that he was so understanding of our sweet, innocent child. :-)
  • One day we walked into a pitch black garage and P exclaimed, "It's so dark, I can't hear!"
  • P asked me, "Do you want to watch a movie, Honey?" :-)
  • One day, P was trying to show our Home Teachers his owie on his bum. Luckily, we got him stopped before he got his pants dropped! :-)
  • While playing with some toys, P yells out, "Seat belts, Captain!"  I think he and J have been watching too much Star Trek! ;-)
  • P informed me that I am not a lady, just a girl .. and a mom.
  • J broke a plastic fork and P immediately demanded a band aid to fix it!
  • P reassured me that I am a girl, not a monster. Good to know!

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Heidi said...

Don't you love the crazy things kids say and do?