Friday, September 3, 2010

Playing At My Parents & Handsome Faces

On Sunday, we went to my parents house for dinner. Afterward, as we were saying goodbye to my grandparents, we decided to hang out in the front yard for a bit. I started dead heading some of my mom's flowers. (It is an addiction of mine, I don't know why.)  Anyway, E crawled over to "help."

Look Grammy! A weed!


Sweet guy!

Such kissable lips! Love this face! :-)

Such a sweet little man!

The next day, my mom tended E while I took P to his speech therapy appointment. Here are some pictures she got that day!

Hmmm .... I wonder if I could pull these blinds right off their track?

After P and I got back, E gave me a nice, big, sloppy kiss!  LOVE IT!!!

P with his CHEESE face. Kind of turns into a gritted teeth face. ;-)

I'm mad! I don't want to be held down to put my pants back on! I wanna crawl around FREE!

Hmmm .... what kind of trouble should I cause next?!?!


Bonna said...

Your boys are so dang cute! P has such expression in his faces--you can actually see him thinking! E just lights up when he smiles and I love that! He REALLY doesn't like to have his pants changed however! LOL Too cute!!

Jodi said...


Adam and Kym said...

Don't you just love little boy smiles!!! I love the OOohhh face!