Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1: a photo of yourself and 15 facts about you.

15 Facts About Myself (not in any particular order)

1.   I have an awesome husband.
2.   I have two sweet little boys that I love so much!
3.   I am addicted to Facebook
4.   I am a self-admitted blog stalker.
5.   I love to read.
6.   I love to watch movies.
7.   I love how close knit my family is. My cousins are like my sisters and brothers.
8.   My best friend is my mom.
9.   I have an undiagnosed phobia of snakes. ..... just ask my immediate family.
10. I am a chicken and am afraid to try new things. I'm getting better.
11. I thrive on girls nights out!
12. I dislike winter very much and can't wait for the warmth to return.
13. I don't watch football through out the year but do watch the Super Bowl.
14. I work at Shopko and enjoy the chance to get away for some time.
15. I serve with the Young Women in my church and love every moment of it

1 comment:

Marta said...

I will testify of your abhorance of snakes, and also of your love of me, I so appreciate it and love you just as much or possibly more!!