Friday, February 4, 2011


I post a lot of great stuff on Facebook that never seems to find its way here. Silly tidbits of life, funny things that P does or says, etc. I thought I had better share some of them before I forget. (Actually, I didn't remember all of these. I found an application on Facebook that shows me my history of status'. SWEET!)

  • P said, "Mom! You're huge!"  Rude child!
  • P said, "Daddy, make me a princess!" He was trying to get a blanket wrapped around his waist like a skirt!
  • P said, "I am not a human! Boys are not human!" Oh, the truth he speaks. ;-)
  • P told J that he was going to be a dinosaur for Halloween, E could be a puppy, J could be an astronaut, and he said he wanted me to be a ... wait for it ... sponge. What?!?! That is the best he can come up with? Sheesh!
  • P singing to himself, "I'm gonna be gorgeous today! I'm gonna be gorgeous today!"
  • P was looking sad so J asked him what was wrong. P said, "My prayer wasn't answered." J asked, "What prayer?"  E replied, "I wanted to be a superhero."
  • P said, "Mom! You have huge feet!"
  • I threw a coat on P's head to be silly and he said, "Mom! I'm not a hook!"
  • P walked up to me and said, "Nice ascot!"  We had been watching Toy Story 3 A LOT.
  • I asked P what he was grateful for. He thought for a moment and said, "My eyeballs!"
  • P said, "Mom, you're so cute! I'm proud of you!"  I don't even know what I did but I'll take it!
  • P asked me, "Do you want a dinosaur kiss or a guy kiss?"  I said, " I want a sweet boy kiss."  Preston replied, "MOOOOOOOM! I'm a guy, not a boy!"
  • P climbed into E's bed and started to play. I asked him to get out and he said, "Mom, can I pleeeaaasse say in here and play prison?"  Um, NO! I don't know how you play prison but I don't want to find out!
  • P saw a movie about a fire breather. So he decided he was a fire breather and would supposedly breath fire on all the kids at the mall play area. I'm pretty sure the parents were weirded out!
  • P got two pieces of candy from his Primary teacher on a Sunday. He ran to J after the meetings and showed him the candy. He said that one was for him and one was for J and gave it to him. J had been talking to a gentleman and the man said, "Where's mine?"  P looked distraught, not knowing what to do. He finally took the candy from J and gave it to the man. It was hilarious!
  • P said, "Daddy? Since I'm four, can I have four Christmas trees?"
  • P started to randomly sing one day, "I don't eat poop, it's yucky. I don't eat pee! I like chocolate!"
  • We nearly hit a deer driving home from J's parents house. P saw the herd of deer and asked if we could have one for a pet.
  • P said, "Kissing is yucky!"  Good job man! Keep thinking that for another 18 years!
  • P said, "Mom, a big burp is funny but a small burp is naughty." Um ... ok?
  • P asked, "Mom, do you have a baby in your tummy?"  I said, "No my child. I'm just  fat."
  • P asked his speech therapist why she had a big tummy. I was horrified. She isn't a small lady but she took it in stride.
  • While talking to his 5-year-old, talkative cousin on the phone, P said, "Don't talk so much."


Marta said...

I can hardly wait for Ethan to start blabbing words for us to giggle about too!!!

Heidi said...

HaHA! So hilarious!