Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun At The Beach ... Last Month

Forewarning: Major picture overload

J and I were in charge of J's family reunion. We decided to go to a mountain lake and play. It was such a blast! The best part about this lake is that it has a "slow decline" in elevation. Does that make sense? It is really shallow for a long time and doesn't get deep until several hundred yards out. The kids had so much fun because they could go out far and not worry about it being deep. We set up some shade, some camp chairs, and just hung out and played. And, of course, we had food! Here are some pictures of the kiddos.

E approaching the water for the first time with Aunt Maria. 

A view of the beach.

P having a blast playing with the sand.

Splashing around. They had so much fun!

E wasn't so sure about the sand on his feet at first. He got over it pretty quick.

E playing with the sticks and stuff that washed to the shore.

Some of the fam damily out having some fun.

Great action shot of E throwing sand!

E and his cousin, A, having lunch. His uncle put that sticker on his forehead and he didn't even notice!

Me and E playing in the water and sand.

P loved this little water gun toy. It seriously kept him entertained for hours!

My baby boy is so stinkin' handsome and grown up!! :'-)

Aunt Laura with some of the cousins

Just an idea of how far out we could go in the water. It was only up to their hips!!! Pretty cool if you ask me.

CHEESE!  I can never get this boy to look at the camera long enough for it to snap. He always moves before it actually takes the shot. 

Make a castle .... well, maybe a mud pile!

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Darci and Ryan said...

Looks like lots of fun. Beaches are the best!