Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesday Q&A hosted by:

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{1} Which activities make you lose track of time?
Facebook and blogging definitely make me lose track of time! I lost track of time when I was addicted to Prison Break on Netflix. Man, I'm sad and glad that it is over. Not the ending I was hoping for.

{2} Is there such a thing as perfect?
Nope. Not in this life anyway. The only perfect person is Jesus Christ.  All we can do it try to be like him. I've always hated the word "perfect."  I was a pretty well-mannered child and I had several people call me "perfect."  Little did they know that it added a TON of stress and anxiety into my life. I was always trying to maintain "perfect" and would beat myself up if I didn't. I actually ended up in counseling as a young adult trying to deal with it.

{3} When do you feel most like yourself?
I think I am most myself when I am around my family. Especially when I get around my cousins, Jill and Jamie. We have so much fun together and laugh so hard! I love it! 

{4} Describe your life in a 6 word sentence.
My life is blessed and wonderful.

{5} Share one of your most beloved childhood memory.
Man, that is really hard! I don't know how to pick just one. I have several great memories. One of my favorite memories is learning how to play softball with my dad. He was great and patient with me. We played MANY games of catch in the backyard. He also worked with me a lot on swinging the bat and hitting the ball. I really enjoyed that.  I remember on particular evening of playing catch. The lawn had been just freshly mowed. My dad was by the house and I was further out in the backyard. I threw the ball badly and it went past him. It hit the ground and kept rolling and rolling and rolling. It hit the basement bathroom window and completely shattered it. I was horrified! I started to cry and thought I was going to be in trouble. Luckily, my dad was very patient with me and didn't blame me. He knew it was an accident. I am forever grateful that he handled it the way he did. :-)

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Mamarazzi said...

i love love love your 6 word sentence!

that story of your daddy is very sweet, i am very much a daddy's girl too!!

Mamarazzi said...

oh and thank you for always linking up with us...i always love your answers!

Myya said...

My phone is my lose track of time thing lately. I have been a bloggy slacker, I need to work on that & get back into it more.

Love your 6 word sentence!!!

What a sweet story about your dad. Dad's are pretty fantastic! :)

sarajo said...

My dad also taught me how to play softball. Only, I hit him several times in the legs trying to pitch to him. And once, I went high and the ball broke a branch and that fell down and hit him in the head. He was bleeding. Yeah, after that, we didn't play catch anymore. Oops.

Love you sentence! :D