Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Past Week -

We haven't been up to very much this week but we did get some good pictures.

I found P in the living room laying on his pillow watching the ceiling fan turn. Before I could get a good picture, he moved. Anyway, I thought this was pretty darn cute!

P is learning how to do somersaults!

Momma still has to help.

If Mom doesn't help, P goes sideways!

What a good lookin' kid, even upside down!

P got this cool Clifford toy on wheels. He really loves to sit on it and ride it around.

You can't really tell but P, Kitty, and I are all sitting on Clifford. Well, not really sitting, I think I would have crushed it.

Pardon J's nerd face! ;o) He was making car sounds.

We went to Soda on Monday (the 2nd) and had dinner with J's family. P was loving the Jello and got some on his nose. Such a silly boy!

J and P laughing. They love each other SO much and have so much fun together!


Marta said...

Too bad that boy never has any fun!

teresa said...

Cute pictures! Your little boy reminds me so much of mine, they're so much fun!