Monday, June 2, 2008

Cute Pics of P ... What Else Is There? -

FYI - Some of my friends also did the "My First Pregnancy" post and added pictures of when they were pregnant and with their newborn, so I added some to my post. You will have to scroll down and check them out!

Here is P with Grampy watching TV. There was a very intense game of women's softball going on!

P loves to sit right next to Grampy.

Lounging and relaxing with a book.

Being a silly goose! He is probably getting his feet tickled by Grammy! Sorry Grammy, we never seem to get pictures of you! (She is usually the photographer!)


Marta said...

If I do happen to be in the picture you had better crop me out. Yuck, no one likes to look at old ladies. Cute little boys, every day all day long!!!

teresa said...

Cute stuff! Grandmas and Grandpas are the best!

steph said...

He looks so stinking grown up! I think I say that every time I see a new pic of him, but it is so true. Tell him so stop!!

Marta said...

Love that Nap Hair!!!

Chuck and Katie said...

Looks like he is having fun and so cute.