Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warren Family Reunion -

We had a fun time at our Warren Family Reunion. This is my Grandma Gower's family. She is the last one to be able to attend. We've lost her brother, Harmel, and her sister, Rita. Rita's twin sister, Leta, is in the nursing home. We were blessed to have Harmel's wife Charlotte there. These are just some pictures from the day. It didn't take P long to find the big tub full of pop, ice, and water. It kept him occupied most of the day!

This is P rearranging the pop cans. He would take all of them out and then put all of them back in!

Soggy boy! He loves water!


More splashing.

We thought that he might like to jump in but he let us know that he didn't want to!

Giving Grammy a kiss before she had to go back to work. P loves his Grammy!

P has to lick each can as he took them out. Pretty gross, but whatever keeps him busy & entertained!

Great view!

Even more splashing!

Sopping wet!

Crowd shot.

P started dunking his chocolate chip cookie into the water ... GROSS!

Hmm ... where did P go? Just follow the wet footprints!

Tada! He kept throwing the cans back into the tub. Nobody wanted to open a can after that!

Having a spoonful.


brandya said...

How adorable!! At least he had something to keep him busy! :) I love the pic of him giving Grammy Marta a kiss!

teresa said...

Looks like a fun time!

Jared & Brittany said...

he is so cute!! looks like he had a blast!! thanks for the invite.

steph said...

He is such a funny kid. Hey, I agree, I am all for whatever keeps them busy. Looks like a really fun day!!

Mark & Kristen said...

How fun is he??? I wish it wasn't so hot so we could be outside! :) Not that I would anyways - being 9 months pregnant...I am always sweating to death! :(

Hope you are doing well!!!