Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mark This Day In History -

I want to mark this day in history. P got into his first "almost fight" with another little boy. We were at the mall, in the little play area, and this other boy was about 3, if that. Anyway, he was kind of bullying some other kids and pushing them out of the way. He did it to P and P pushed back. They both started "boxing" their hands and acting like they were going to fight. No blows were actually landed or anything. The little boys dad and I got there in time to break it up. I'm amazed at P. Usually, he is kind of timid around lots of other children but he totally stood up for himself. Of course, he was scolded about not hitting and pushing but secretly I was proud that he stood up for himself! Am I bad for feeling that way? I hope not. Anyway, I just had to share.


teresa said...

I always thought it was kind of cute seeing those kind of scuffles. And I would have been secretly proud of my kid too!

Toby Maxwell said...

I thought that this post was hillarious Kjerstin!! I know that we don't want to teach our boys to fight, but to see them stand up for themselves is such a great feeling. i think that it is a testament to your parenting!! You have a great kid there.