Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve with J's Family

We celebrated Christmas with J's parents on Christmas Eve. We spent the evening with J's parents and his brother and his family. We ate a yummy dinner and enjoyed each other's company. All was good and dandy until P barfed all over Grandma Sugar's carpet. Quite a downer to the get together. Anyway, he barfed several more times and finally started to do better. J's brother and his family went home and we decided to watch the Pixar movie, Up. (We hadn't seen it before so I was excited to see it.) We spent the night and opened presents before we went back home to be with my family.

This is the new puppy that my niece got for Christmas. They live in Colorado so Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Sugar kept the puppy for a few days until they could come to pick her up. She is very cute and ended up being named Panda. Panda gained a special love for my father-in-law and, though he would never admit it, I know he gained a love for her. He is Mr. Tough Guy and isn't a softy but he really is! ;-)

J helping P open some Thomas The Train toys. He was very excited!

E opening a new toy. He was enthralled with all the paper and everything that was going on.

E especially liked this stuffed puppy that he got. It is very soft and he really enjoyed it.

With E sitting between my legs, I put the camera in front of him and took a picture. He was obviously thinking, "what is my mom doing?!"

Ah, the infamous tractor. We went shopping with Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Sugar at the beginning part of December to help them pick out some toys for some of the other grandchildren. P fell in love with this tractor at the store so Sugar got it. When we got home, he kept asking for the tractor and Sugar just had to tell him she accidentally left it at the store. For the next several days he asked if Grandma had found the tractor and whenever he talked to her on the phone he asked her about it. It was pretty funny. This boy has a great memory and does NOT forget! :-)


This kid is all boy. He loves all things cars, trains, and tractors!

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The Perkins Family said...

THose kids are much smarter than I give them credit for!! Looks like it was all very merry! I love your new family picture! Can't believe you got everyone to smile so well! Impressive!