Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Pics From The Week

The other day we went to my mom's house and P found Grammy's markers. They colored together and all went well. The markers stayed on the paper and didn't go anywhere else. He loved this one marker a lot because it had a dinosaur stamp on it. After some begging and pleading, Grammy let him take it home. As soon as we got home, he wanted to color. We put him in the highchair and went about our evening. J called me in the other room to discuss possible paint colors for our bedroom. We were gone for quite a while and, when we went back in there, this is what we discovered:

P covered himself with the marker. We are SO glad that it came off and that he had been contained in the highchair. Otherwise, I might be showing pictures of a very blue little baby E or pictures of artwork on our walls. PHEW!

Look at me! I'm so proud!


Little E has really discovered his tongue lately. He likes to stick it out and feel his bottom lip. We've discovered that his tongue forks when he sticks it out! Weird ... but cute!


I've been needing glasses for a very long time. I've been having to squint with my glasses on to even see. Pretty bad. Anyway, we finally bit the bullet and went to the Dr. and ordered some new glasses. My eyes changed A LOT. My right eye Rx had to be increased by 2 and my left eye Rx had to be increased by 5. Yikes! Anyway, here are my new "eyes":

I just had to add this pic of E. He is so stinkin' sweet and cute! We love him to bits!


Marta said...

such a sweet boy, two of them...the best job in the world, Grammy, give them a blue marker and send them home. ;0)

Carrie said...

That is SO funny! Better stop watching the Smurfs. It's a doozy.

P.S. You're glasses look great. I bet you were surprised with what you were missing all this time!