Sunday, January 3, 2010

J's Family Christmas Par-tay

The Sunday before Christmas, J's brother and his wife hosted a party for the family. We had a good time. We ate a very yummy dinner, played games, and enjoyed chatting. Thank you for the party!

J's brother and his wife.

J's sister and her husband. They will both hate me for including this picture but I had too. He looks drugged. :-)

J's brother and his wife.

J's parents.

This is also the day of the famous forgotten bottle incident. Some know, some probably don't so I'll share. I had to work earlier in the day. I tried to get everything packed and ready so that J would be able to get everything and everybody packed up and pick me up at work. We had to leave for their house as soon as I got off work. Anyway, J got everything ready and almost everything packed. In the rush to get packed and get going, he accidentally forgot the diaper bag. It was neatly packed with formula and a bottle. Unfortunately, it was left sitting nicely on the couch by the front door. OOPS! Fast forward a couple hours, E got hungry. J went to the car to discover that the bag had been left. It was 6 in the evening on a Sunday. The grocery store nearby was closed and we weren't sure what to do. We finally decided to just try and give him cows milk out of a sippy cup that our sister-in-law had. Thank heavens she still had it! She hasn't done daycare for a couple years so it was good she still had it! Lets just say, it didn't work very well. The hole was too big and he kept overflowing and gasping and coughing. It worked enough to hold him off until we got home. Anyway, J hasn't lived down the incident and whenever we get ready to go anywhere, we check, double check, and triple check to make sure we have the formula and the bottle. It was a good lesson to learn! :-)

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