Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preschool Field Trip

P had his very first field trip last week. The class went to a local farm. The farmers had set up a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, and a small haystack maze for toddlers. It was FREEZING that day with horrible wind. So, we bundled up tight and drove out there.  

Here is P in the corn maze. The kids had fun running around while the mom's tried to answer the questions. We came to several crossroads where a question about farming was posted. Depending on the answer you chose, that was the direction you were supposed to take. Answer wrong and end up at a dead end. Answer correctly and you make it to the next question. The moms in my little group felt pretty stupid. We ended up at several dead ends.

Here is P posing with his little pumpkin. He wasn't happy to have his hands outside of his sleeves. Like I said, it was freezing and the wind chill made it even worse.

P is posing with his friend up in a tractor. The kids loved that they got to sit up in the tractor!

This was a different day but I just had to share. I must say that we have a pretty handsome man! ..... Two in fact! :-)

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