Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday

Welcome to We Want to Know Q&A Wednesday
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso


{1} What are 3 must haves for a long road trip?

{2} What was the destination of your most recent road trip?
Our last road trip was Sunday. My nephew was receiving his Eagle Scout award. If you are talking about a trip that last longer than a day, then our last trip was to Denver, CO last summer. ..... yeah, we don't get out much.

{3} What do you miss most about home when on a trip?

I definitely miss my bed and my pillow. I also miss my mom. Yes, I'm a mama's girl and I'm proud of it! :-)

{4} What is the furthest you have traveled on a road trip?

I believe I had been out of high school for a year. My parents and I drove from Eastern Idaho to Northern Indiana. We drove all the way to the Mississippi River. We stayed the night in a hotel and continued our drive to Indiana with a short detour to Nauvoo, Illinois! It was a long trip trip but it was great! I was so excited to see my family who lived there. We also got to tour around Chicago too. It was awesome!

{5} Will you "stop for the largest ball of twine, etc" or are you a "hurry and get there" road tripper?

Before kids, I would have stopped and smelled the roses along the way. Since I've had kids, I just want to get there and NOW! The best investment I ever made was a duel screen portable DVD player. We used that to keep the kids occupied on our trip to Denver last summer. If it weren't for that little bit of heaven, I don't think any of us would have survived the trip. ;-)


Mamarazzi said...

mmm raspberry newtons, now i want a delicious piece of "fruit and cake" yummy!

i imagine kids would change the dynamic a little!

thanks for linking up!!

VandyJ said...

We hunt for the play areas any more--outdoor or indoor, whatever we can find to let them expend some energy.

dddiva said...

I always liked stopping with the kids so they could explore new things, but when I am driving I want to go.

I'm old school though we loved road trips and that was excellent bonding time for the girls and I.

When I was little, though, the dvd players would have been a godsend with my bro and sister and I- they always did the mom she's looking at me thing.