Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I know ... we are boring -

Not much has happened this week. That is typical at our house. Rock climbing last week was very out of character for us. So, I have no new pictures to share.

Life has been treating us good. J is keeping busy at work and P is keeping us busy at home. He is such a cutie pie and I love him to bits. Some days he drives me bonkers but I really do love him. He makes me smile and I always look forward to his kisses. Oh, just so you know, it is like pulling teeth to get a kiss on the lips from him. He prefers to kiss you on the cheek now. Cute little stinker!

Not much else has been happening. I get to go to Best of Especially For Youth tonight with the youth. That should be good. Well ... I can't think of anything else to report so I won't bore you anymore. Have a great week everyone!


Lacey and Jeremy Briscoe said...

Hey I think boring is good sometimes! Cute rock climbing pics it looks like you had tons of fun! Your little boy is so cute!

Toby Maxwell said...

I didn't like it too much when Jade started making me kiss on the cheek only. They grow up so fast!! Preston is so cute!!