Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's up -

Not much has been happening around the Lind house. We have been enjoying our new van and took it for its first trip outside the city to IF. (Ooohhh, Aaahhh … I know we travel so far!) Anyway, we decided to make a trip up there because I was seriously craving Johnny Carinos. (I love that restaurant and wish they would build one here.) Both of my cousins, Jill and Jamie, live in IF, so J and I called them and invited them and their families to join us. We had a good time seeing each other and I wished we could have spent more time. After dinner, we went to visit J’s sister, Maria, who lives in Ammon. Her husband, Steven, just had surgery on his foot; so we were going to give him a hard time and threaten to touch his foot. Much to my dismay, he was already putting some weight on it so I couldn’t torture him! Another day, I guess!

For mutual on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to have Moose Balls. When I first heard their name I was kind of nervous but they are delicious! All you have to do is take one Hershey Kiss and wrap it with just a little bit of store bought biscuits. Then you deep fry them and then roll them in powdered sugar. YUMMY! They were a big hit and the girls devoured them!

Today, I had the opportunity to play the organ at the Veteran’s Home. I always look forward to when I get to participate in their sacrament meetings. They are such sweet men and women and I respect them SO MUCH because they served for our country. They are braver than I!

J is doing well. J is keeping extremely busy at Culligan. Being the summer, it is the busy season and it is hectic. We try to take the "glass half full" approach and think about the overtime that he will be getting! (For those who may not know, J is the plant manager and fills the water bottles. He is lifting those 5 gallon bottles ALL day! Each weighs approximately 42 pounds! So, by the end of the day, he is really tired and worn out. One week, J did the math and figured out that he had lifted 42 tons! cRaZy!)

P is being cute as ever! He is an amazing little boy and I cherish him SO much! We've been enjoying him and watching him as he grows and learns! He has finally grasped the concept that when you kiss you have to smack your lips. Before he would just tuck his lips in and put his face on yours. Now he does a proper kiss and it can get pretty wet! I love it!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I keep forgetting my camera! I want to thank those that make comments on my Blog! I get very excited whenever I receive a comment. Maybe I’m a nerd, maybe not … Yeah, I’m a nerd. But that is okay. I accept my nerdiness with grace and dignity. Well I better stop before this gets any weirder! I hope all of you have a great week!


Chuck and Katie said...

Sometimes it nice to have weeks where you just get to relax a little bit and not always be so busy, I know I enjoy those times.

teresa said...

Good stuff, I am much jealous of your new van! Keep the blogs coming, I love it!

Andrea said...

Your little boy is so cute! Summertime is very crazy, but it's a different kind of crazy-
I, too, am a comment nerd- I get really excited and it's just another reward for all of the time spent blogging, right? ;)
Glad you guy are having fun, enjoy the rest of your summer!