Monday, August 25, 2008


Preston had his first real sleep over at Grammy Teeples house! He has spent the night there before but it was because she was babysitting him. This was his first true sleep over for fun. She was going to be tending him the next day while I was at work so she decided to turn it into a sleep over. I was a little worried about how he would do but she said he did great! Of course, she took him down to her friends house and let him run for about an hour and a half so he was plenty worn out when bed time rolled around! ;o) I found these pictures in her e-mail and stole them so I could put them on the blog. Hope you don't mind Mom! (I know you don't!)
Preston playing on the bridge. I figure he is either growling at Grammy or he is telling her to "Mon!" (Come on!)

Look ... marbles!

Playing in the water from the fountain. Brown Dog, yes that is his name, is watching. Preston is probably showing Becky something very important.

I love this kid!

Doing somersaults with Becky. I hope Becky doesn't mind me showing this picture! ;o)

Taking a break and drinking some juice. Being a kid is a hard job!


Marta said...

Not somersaulting, she was trying to hike the ball to him. I thought her Mom and Dad were going to explode with laughter, me too for that matter. We had soooo much fun at least I did, until Preston can talk better, I will speak for both of us.

The Gray Gang said...

oh, lucky boy! How fun is that! I think he had some pretty fun babysitters! :)

steph said...

What a wonderful grandma, when you are done can I please borrow her? I would pay some good money to any one who could wear out my kids. What a lucky little guy!!

Lacey and Jeremy Briscoe said...

What a fun grandma! Those pics are so cute!

brandya said...

The pictures are adorable!! And it makes me miss your mom and Becky too!! :) Tell them both hello for me!!! You are incredible Kjerstin!