Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Picture Tag

My friend put this on her blog and I thought it was interesting. You go to Google Images and type in the answer to each of the following questions and pick one of them on the first page.
It was fun to see what popped up if nothing else. Enjoy!

My First Name: (artist has the same first name)

My Middle Name:

My Maiden Name:

My Last Name:

My Age:

Where I'd Like To Visit:

My Favorite Animal:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Bad Habit:

My First Job:

Where I Was Born:

Where I Grew Up & Where I Live Now:

What I'm Doing Now:


steph said...

What a great idea, I am not even sure how to down load a picture like that. Iceblocking looked like fun, too! You guys are so funny!

Lind Family said...

I just right clicked on the picture that I wanted and hit "Save picture as ..."

I hope it helps!