Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ice Blocking For FHE -

We went to Barts Field by ISU ice blocking for Family Home Evening. We went with the Walkers, their friends, and our friend, Ronda and her kids. It was a blast. Lindsay and I took our Young Women ice blocking last week and her kids were so sad that they didn't get to come that we decided to plan a family home evening so they could enjoy the experience. P even rode down with us and enjoyed it. I though he might be too scared but he wasn't! Anyway, here are a few pics.
J and I heading down the hill.

Just getting ready.

Poor P. He has nerds for parents.

All of us heading down there hill. Sorry it is so dark.

J getting ready to go down on his feet.

J just about to biff it.

We had Lindsay's camera and stole a shot of ourselves. We were nerds and forgot our camera so these pictures are all from Lindsay. THANK YOU!!!!! We had a ton of fun! Hmmm ... we've been rock climbing and now ice blocking. We need to think of something else now! Anyone have a suggestion for an "extreme sport" that kids can participate in?


Walker Family said...

Wow! Those are some great pictures;o) That was a blast. Extreme sports and FHE seem to really go well together. Let us know if you think of something to do next!!

Scottypoo said...

I think Water Skiing in December would be an extreme sport. Hey, good to see you guys. When are we going to get together again and play Mario fighting? Or any fighting game? Let us know!

Toby Maxwell said...

this looks like so much fun. I didn't get to try it when I was in YW...we had planned for it but because of weather, we had to cancel.. i love the pictures of you guys, you all look great.