Monday, September 15, 2008

Playing With "Uncle" Brad -

My parents invited my cousin, Brad, over for dinner on Sunday. P warmed up to him really fast and was playing with him and jumping all over him. P uses J and I as "play things" and bounces off us all the time. I was amazed to see him being so silly with someone he doesn't get to see very often. Anyway, it was really funny so I had to take some pictures!

Where is Uncle Brad's nose?


Check out my belly! P has been interested in belly buttons lately and really wanted to see his Grammy's and Uncle Brad's but, lets just say, they weren't all that excited to share! ;o)


Chuck and Katie said...

That's cute, you know I think all kids use their parents for jungle gyms.

Heather said...

Josh liked belly buttons alot when he was little too...wait he still!!