Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures From January 18th -

When I was pregnant with P, my mom and I took belly progress shots every month. I wanted to make sure this baby doesn't feel left out so I'll be doing it again.
Baby belly as of January 18th

P with his Great Grandma. He rarely wants to be held by anyone so we had to get a shot of this. By the time we found the camera, P was wanting down so this is the best shot that we got. Great Grandma was very happy for him to want her!

We have the most handsome boy ever!!!! Oooh, we love him!


Marta said...

Even when he wiggles so much you can't get the jammie zipped.

The Adams family said...

That is great that you take belly shots! I regret not doing that with Emma. I felt so yucky I guess I didn't want picture to remember it, but now I do!