Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday -

J and I aren't really into sports but we went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday. When the game started my dad and my Grandpa Gower went into the family room to watch. My dad has a little stool next to the couch where he usually keeps his mug of Diet Coke. When P comes over, he usually likes to sit on the stool and steal sips of my dad's Diet Coke. We thought it was so cute because usually he just picks up the mug but he didn't do it this time.
In between sips of Diet Coke, he was running around like crazy. He loves to try and scare people and started acting like a dinosaur or something. Here he is growling at me, Great Grandma Gower, and Great Granny Teeples.

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Marta said...

he kept turning to check Grampy out for stealing, Grampy didn't care because he didn't know that Preston had not eaten dinner.