Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Jammies -

Sometimes when I get done with work, P has already gone down for his nap at the babysitters. When that is the case, I sometimes go to the mall and visit my mom at her store. I hate going home and then having to leave again to go get him so I usually try to kill some time at the store chatting with her and her coworkers. I decided to wander Sears for a bit and discovered some cute Cars pajamas on clearance. Two pairs for $6.35!!!! Awesome! P loves them. He discovered them in the sack around 4:00 this afternoon and insisted on getting into his jammies. Anyway, I think they are cute and he is even cuter. Here is a picture.

I believe he is watching The Incredible's.
I just love how he sucks/bites on his bottom lip. I used to do that ... well actually I still do!


Marta said...

What a cute boy, and yes, the bitten lip is a family trait...ouch!

Klingler said...

I'd like to see you bite your lip. Were you biting your lip when we went and watched Harry Potter 4 together? I sure was. He looks so cute in his new jammies.

Lacey and Jeremy Briscoe said...

Those are way cute jammies and what a great deal!

teresa said...

He's so cute, and i would give anything to sit in my jammies all day, smart kid!